In this tutorial we will be creating a Surreal Greenery effect on an open book. Its very easy to make this Greenery scene by following the simple steps here. So lets get started…

Tutorial Details:

Program: Adobe Photoshop CS3

Difficulty: Intermediate

Estimated Time: 1 – 2 hrs

Final Image



Tutorial Resources:

Here are the sources used

  1. Sky
  2. book
  3. Train track
  4. Grass land
  5. Tree
  6. Crane
  7. Windmill
  8. Elephant

Thanks for all those people who made these awesome images. Pls take permission from those owner if you’re using it for any commercial purpose.

STEP 1 (Create New Document)

Let’s start by creating a new document. Set the dimensions of the canvas to 3200 × 2000px.


STEP 2 (Creating sky background)

Open and drag the sky image into canvas and place it as shown below.


Then duplicate the sky layer with transform selection (Ctrl +T), right click on selection, select Flip vertical and change the mode of the layer to Multiply and reduce its Opacity to 50%. The result will be like this.


STEP 3 (Arranging Book)

Open and drag the Book image into canvas and erase surrounding part of the book


STEP 4 (Creating Grass Land)

Open the Grass land image and select the grass land area using Rectangular Marquee Tool (M) and paste it into canvas.


Then shape it using warp transformation (Edit > Transform > Warp)


Using same method arrange the grass on other side of book as well. After arrangement the image will look like this


Let’s workout at the edges of the book to give realistic look. Take Clone Stamp Tool (S) and select default brush (Fuzz ball) 192 and make values as shown below


Then give values in shape dynamics as shown below


Then give values in Scattering as shown below


Using this brush shape clone the grass in uneven shape across book edges as shown below


After cloning the entire book edges the image will look like this.


Create a new layer using Soft Round Brush (B) with black color and brush across middle and edges of the book. Change the layer mode to Soft light and reduce opacity to 50%. Its just to make the texture dark at the middle and edges.


STEP 5 (Composing with Other Stuff)

Open and drag the Train Track image into canvas and erase the remaining part of image except the track. Using transform selection (Ctrl +T) place it as shown below


Then open and drag the Windmill image into canvas and erase the remaining stuff except the windmill. Place it as shown below


Then open and drag the Tree image into canvas then erase the root part of the tree using Eraser Tool(E) as shown below


Take a new layer and create an uneven shape under the tree using Lasso Tool(L) and fill it with black color (To give shadow for tree). slightly erase the edges using Eraser Tool(E) as shown


Then open and drag the Elephant image into canvas and erase the remaining part of image except the Elephant. And place it as shown


Now open and drag the Crane image into canvas and erase the remaining part of image except crane. Then duplicate the crane layer and place them as shown


STEP 6 (Creating Rainbow)

We are almost done, lets add a beautiful rainbow. In the Gradient Editor make changes as shown below


Then create a new layer below the book layer and draw rainbow shape with the Gradient Tool(G) as shown


Then using Eraser Tool(E) erase the bottom part and change the layer mode into Screen and reduce the opacity to 30%. Now the effect will look like this.


We have finished creating our surreal greenery scene. Below you can see the final result of this tutorial.

Final Image


You can download high resolution image for wallpaper.

I hope you enjoyed and found it useful. I look forward to your opinions and questions in the comment section below.