Every one of us is amazed by the special effects seen in various movies. Nowadays, it is hard to find a movie that doesn’t have a special effect; much more there are almost no videos or promos that not to have inserted a small effect. Willing or not, special effects became part of our lives.

Thinking more pragmatically, visual effects will be more required in the near future and any web designer must take this into consideration. Working as a specialist in the visual effects industry isn’t very easy but the remuneration is pretty motivating. The negative aspect is that not everyone may become a real specialist. There are a couple of reasons: it’s extremely difficult to realize a good effect, you need tons of hours to make it look real. The experts are still few and very busy- it’s normal because the visual effects domain is a few years old. Besides that, patience, hard work, attention to fine details is mandatory and the costs of the school are somehow prohibiting.

In order to benefit from the best experts in the visual effects at a very low cost, a smart group of people created a website that presents a revolutionary idea i.e VFX Training online: teaching how to do realize special effects. The idea is simple: some experts offer their experience for you to specialize in a field in the visual effects industry. Practically, the CVs of the specialists ready to help are enough to make you understand that this website may represent the best choice to master in this domain. Another good argument to look closer to this opportunity is that they don’t offer a pale array of few courses. Each important software that is used to create visual effects is presented here and you may apply for studying it.


Let’s take the example of Autodesk Maya, a famous program used to create such kind of effects. If you want to obtain the best results by following this course, it is welcomed to know the basis of it. Anyway, on the website, the program is presented clearly, with all the parts of the course (Maya Dynamics level 1 & 2 and Master Class- the art of destruction). Another plus is the presentation of the topics covered in addition to few screen shots. There are no hidden clauses, every detail is presented- cost, starting date, the name of the teacher, the length of the training.


Under these circumstances there is no wonder that Autodesk Maya will become your strongest point. This shouldn’t be a dream, it must be reality because the conditions are perfect for making performance. The teachers won’t disregard you, they will offer feedback for your works. The idea behind is that this course shouldn’t be a boring monologue finalized with some homework and finally a useless diploma. It is something else; it’s an active dialogue between an expert and an expert to be that needs sharpening and few years of experience. The feedback won’t be a couple of reproaches that simply kill any passion of the student, it is just the opinion of the “big brother”.

In the end, the conclusion is simple but useful: if you want to learn Autodesk Maya or other editor of visual effects visit VFX learning. Surely, you won’t waste your time here.