Nowadays the Internet has penetrated our lives like no other thing. There is hardly anyone on this planet who has not used the Internet is one form or another. Even those parts of the world that are considered backwards are using Internet in schools to educate their children. And this is perhaps just the beginning. With the advent of devices like computer tablets and smart phones the Internet is becoming mobile. Hence there is no wonder that like all other niches, online shopping stores are too increasing day by day.

Online shopping stores have some strong advantages over “real world” stores. The chief one being that buying online is always cheaper than buying offline. Also buying online enables you to browse through the entire world and compare the quality and prices of products while in offline markets you are restricted only to the nearby stores. These and several other reasons are making more and more people to buy online. And obviously these online customers are enabling more and more people to sell online.


So let’s say you want to sell online and you are searching for information on how to create an online store. First of all you will need a technology that will enable you to accept payment from your customers. We recommend you use Shopify for this purpose.


Shopify enables you to setup an online store easily and quickly. You don’t need to know any coding or programming skills. Just select from the collection of premade templates, customize it if you want, and viola! Your store will be up and running within a few minutes.

If you want to sell digital goods like an ebook, an audio file or a video footage, then you can upload the file/files to the secure Shopify’s servers so that whenever someone makes a purchase he will be able to download the respective file. Instead, if you have a real product like say a head phone to sell, then you can upload its pictures and when someone makes a purchase you can courier him the shipment. So you see Shopify works both ways.

Some people are hesitant in buying online as they feel it is not safe to give away all their personal credit card and billing information online. Shopify understands this fear and therefore its shopping cart software ensures that credit card and order data is encrypted and secure. Shopify is Level 1 PCI compliant and uses 128 bit SSL certificates to keep order details secure.

Shopify supports more than 50 merchant accounts. See the screenshot below for a complete list.


This means that your customers will have a large flexibility to choose the medium in which they wish to pay you. Some people start an online store and only integrate PayPal with their website. They don’t realize how many customers they miss by doing it. I mean suppose a person wishes to buy your product but he wishes to pay only via Moneybookers and you don’t have Moneybookers then you will lose a customer.

Shopify has a 30 day free trial option which anyone can use. So go try it out and let me know how Shopify worked for you in the comments below.