Few months ago Facebook was down for few hours and all people and newspapers were commenting about this issue. The huge social network didn’t lose so many users but at the chapter of fame and brand, it suffered a lot. It becomes obvious for everyone that behind each great application/network or even website the need of monitoring isn’t only a sick idea of having full control, it’s mandatory.


Website monitoring monitoring is a serious activity and great companies are involved in this field and as result, the market is full of solutions. One of the best, or even the best free website & server monitoring services are provided by Monitor Scout. This company is based in Sweden and is already a well-known brand in hosting industry and last year entered into website monitoring domain with a great offer.


What should impress and in the same time attract the people interested in is the fact that their services are free (yep, free). They are still in beta version but this doesn’t mean that the services offered are negligible. The previous activity and the past clients are two proves that are undeniable to sustain the company, but once again, the offer is too good to neglect. Firstly, to better control the uptime, they use a scheme with more than 50 various checks using some of the most important and common protocols as: PING, HTTP, MySQL, Postgree SQL, DNS, SMTP and Mail Delivery.

Secondly, as we mentioned, there is impossible not to have barely a small issue when you are the owner of a great website. The company treated this problem very carefully and applied a common, but brilliant solution: every time a problem is appearing, a SMS is send to the owner or to the website maintainer. Under these circumstances, is most likely that any issue will be noticed and repaired before anyone would be annoyed by it.

Thirdly, the best conditions for website monitoring are assured from multiple locations based on various points across the globe and the company wants to expand very quickly. The customers have the possibility to select having the website monitored from only a specific group of locations or from all, everything depending on the preferences and the needs of the client. Anyway, the monitoring network is at a global scale therefore, there can’t be unsatisfied clients.

People aren’t all experts in server andwebsite monitoring and need much information in order to select the best services for their websites and the team behind Monitor Scout knew it and created a cool and useful blog, totally deserving to be checked.


Last but not least, they are coming with a special discount, by using this coupon code (eiFu1Mah) anyone will benefit from an amazing offer: six months of free services after releasing the official version of Expert monitoring. (it is available to all those who applied for premium package). In the end, the amazing features presented should make anyone visit the website and register for a free website monitoring account. It sounds as a promotional message but a successful website must be monitored by a professional application; therefore enjoy the services of Monitor Scout.