Need Beautiful Fonts? Try Font Town

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Fonts are important. A scholarly publication will require a professional font while a marriage invitation card will use a more casual, fancy font. Your font screams out a message whenever somebody looks at it, “I’m a professional document” or “I will be a casual reading”. We recommend you use Font Town to get beautiful fonts for free. Font Town is the place on the net, a community for font designers. They currently host more than 30,000 free desktop and web [&hellip

25 very Useful Sponge Textures


Sponge is a kind of soft material that has a porous surface. Mostly sponges are made artificially from polyester and other materials, but some varieties of natural sponge are also available. These materials are porous in nature and thus they act as a great absorbent and are mainly used for cleaning things. Graphic artists have drawn inspiration from the unique surface design of the sponge and thereafter come up with a range of attractive sponge textures in a variety of [&hellip

Gridgum – a new home for Responsive Themes

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There is some debate amongst the experts whether you should create an app for your website or use a responsive theme. Both sides have their arguments.But it really depends on you and what you want to do with your budget. If you are creating an app, you must be aware that different platforms require different apps. So you can’t create a single Android app and then assume it’s going to work on BlackBerry and iPhone too. Those platforms will need [&hellip

Welcome To The Professional Website Design Revolution


There are many ways to design a website and your approach differs slightly whether it’s a static or a dynamic website. But generally speaking it involves the following simplified stages. Understand the briefing Plan the project Design and show your client the site’s wireframe and prototype Refine the graphics and show them to your client Slice the graphics and write the code Test, validate and debug the code Show the website to your client Repeat the process 2-3 times till [&hellip

TOWeb A Responsive Website Creation Software


With the advent of technology more and more smartphones and tablets are being manufactured because there is a lot of demand for them in the market. Lots of people are buying these devices and a significant percentage of them are buying them merely as a fashion accessory. Anyways since people are no longer accessing websites through their desktops, website owners must pay heed to this point if they want to run a successful website. Your website must load and perform [&hellip

20 Amazing Matte Painting Examples of Cities


The evolution of the concept of matte painting can be traced back to the first decade of the 1900’s, when background scenes were painted on glasses and later on integrated with the videos shot. These were mainly used because it was impossible to reach to distant location for shooting a scene of a movie as the transport system was on a developing stage. Moreover, matte painting was a cost effective option. Before 1980’s all the pictures of the matte paintings [&hellip

45 Incredible illustrations of Marvel comics


Marvel Worldwide is an American publishing house that has been publishing comic books since its establishment in the year 1939, but it became famous after the publication of Fantastic Four in the year 1961 and thereafter there was no turning back. This publishing house was taken over by Walt Disney in the year 2009. It had earned the accolade for being the creator of many renowned cartoon figures like Doctor Doom, Hulk, X Men, Iron Man and others. All these [&hellip

40 Photographs of Gargoyles and Grotesques from Around the World


Gargoyles are a kind of stone structures that were present in the ancient stone buildings. These were constructed to pass the rain water that use to accumulate on the roof of the house during the rainy season. If the rain water were allowed to seep through the walls of the building, then it would erode the wall of the stone as well as mortar of the buildings and thereby weakening it and to combat this problem, the ugly gargoyles were [&hellip

40 Beautiful Tulips Pictures


Tulip is a perennial plant which has originated in the Southern European countries, Central Europe and the Mediterranean region. A large variety of this plant species can be seen to bloom in the Pamir Knot region and its adjacent mountain ranges. Tulips appear in a large variety of bright and soft shades like red, yellow, pink, violet, bicolor and others. These flowers blossom during the spring time and can be easily recognized due to their bulbous appearance. Tulips are a [&hellip

35 Beautiful Photographs Reflecting Happiness


Life has become quite complex in the present time. We hardly get an opportunity to smile a heartfelt and wholehearted smile reflecting our happiness. Our life is torn between deadlines, cut throat competitions and our duties, therefore not leaving us with even a second to spare. Though we still squeeze out sometime to be sad and depressed, but genuine happiness is as scarce as precious stones. In this post, we have compiled some beautiful photographs reflecting happiness. This post is [&hellip