An inspiration once you’ve decided to jazz up your work environment.

Here is the list of creative and unusual workplaces and also in the end of the post more references to further resources.

Creative Workplaces

creative work place1

creative work place2

creative work place3


creative work place4

creative work place5

creative work place6

creative work place7

creative work place8

creative work place9

creative work place10

creative work place11

creative work place12

creative work place13


creative work place14

creative work place15

creative work place16

creative work place17

creative work place18

creative work place19

creative work place20

creative work place21

working on a sunday evening...

My workspace

Pombal detail


Her Side Office Renovation


The Clearleft Office

109 / a kenson+limusine project

Multi table

New desk in home office

Atlas modular system

Inside Google HQ

Pixar offices

thoughtworks pune

Vitra - Joyn

Vitra - Joyn

Inside Google HQ

inspiration corner

Vitra - Joyn

Red Bull HQ London

Vitra - Joyn

limusine wall

Vitra - Joyn

Atlas modular system & Domino shelving unit

Multi table & Pombal modular system

Vitra - Joyn

Vitra - Joyn

Clearleft office

The Hive - The Chillout Room

Home Office

Vitra - Joyn

my rig

Pixar offices

Red Bull HQ London

flying tee's

Clothes pegs and post-its


FRONT Studio

Creativa studio

The Hive - Hot Desks Without Screens


Time for relaxation

Vue d'ensemble

The Hive - Workstation Without Screen

The Hive - The Conference Room

Dividends Horizon


My home office

iMac and Macbook


Workspace w/ flash

My Desk *old*

My Setup November 2007

Eames chair & Apple

The New Digs

still life with jumping spider

My Desk

Uni Setup -


Desk Setup


My desk with some gadgets

sun // shine

@Home - Livingroom

Home office 3.1

My new view

Apple workplace

sunset landing on my wall

Ya, I think I'm obsessed with damask..

Nieuwe werkplek + behang


Neuer Schreibtisch - In Farbe

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