Credit cards have revolutionized the way we spend our money – online and on the high street. Any cardholder can pay the balance of their purchases at the end of the month or the balance added with interest. They differ from card to card upon the company rules. Credit cards are extremely useful when an unexpected event or emergency arises, such as an accident, a cancelled flight or if you’re ever stuck somewhere with no cash. It is also a lot safer to have the option of not dealing in physical money. You are also protected against fraudulent purchases in a way that a debit card can’t.


Some artists and designers thought of designing credit cards in a more creative way and the credit cards companies accepted the challenge to let them surf the wave of imagination and creativity. What a nice idea! Let us have a glance at some credit card designs gathered from the whole world.

1. Twilight credit card Design

Anybody else wanna credit card now?  i do! by JEZZY.


2. Amex Card Macro

A macro shot of an old outdated Amex Credit Card, This photo was taken on November 28, 2008.


3. England Credit Card Design


4. Monetary Credit Card Design

Monetary Credit Card .PSD, 2000x Resolution, 30+ Layers, 10+ Groups, All layers are editable so you can design your own card. Stamp font is included in the .zip


5. Black Hole Credit Card Design

That credit card is taking my money… That is people robbery by the banks…by_Skrabalo.


6. kb Credit Card Design

KB-credit card design, Commercial Bank and Visa card.


7. koumajou credit card


8. G Animation Labs Credit Card

Just a design for the credit card used by my business. by_Bukue.


9. Personalized Credit Card Design


10. Sponge bob Credit Card Design


11. The NYC Traveller’s Credit Card

Times Square at night, an all time classic. Wild colors!


12. Brad Card

This photo was taken on January 9, 2010.


13. American Express

This photo was taken on January 7, 2008 using a Fujifilm FinePix S5700 S700.


14. BNP Paribas


15. Korvettes Credit Card!

Old Korvettes department store credit card. Expired! This photo was taken on February 20, 2007 using a Fujifilm FinePix S5700 S700.


16. Corner Card Project

CORNERCARD is a Swiss Credit Card and the first bank to use artists work on credit cards.Customers can select from a range of European artists work to personalize their card, plus there’s an option to crop the image as preferred, making each card even more unique; perfect for creative.Currently these cards are only available to Swiss nationals but collaborations with other banks is a possibility in the near future.


17. EPOS Credit Card

This project was a collaboration with the card company EPOS, Visa and Japans leading fashion stores Mariu Co. EPOS commissioned a special edition of cards to 100 designers and artists from all around the world, each card has a limited run of 1000 pieces. I was the selected designer to represent Portugal on this project.


18. Credit Card Designs From Richard Smith

Richard Smith is a creative strategy consultant who specializes in transforming brands into wants & desires. Based on his extensive experience in branding & visual communication, Smith offers clients a distinct approach that combines brand strategy, marketing & design.


19. Air Credit Cards

This was a personal brief which I decided to develop after a series of difficulties and over complications with my former bank. My aim was to create a mock bank whose sole purpose was to provide a simple, clear service that supported both it’s customers and the local communities in which it was established. From this my work matured into a series of three credit card designs combined with a range of supporting adverts.


20. Mtv Credit Cards

Design samples for the credit card collaboration between Bankia and Mtv.


21. Museum of greece history gift card


22. The StinkyFish Super Saver Credit Card

This card is so unbearably ugly that you don’t even want to take it out of your wallet and hand it over. This is a true money saver in these dire economic times!


23. Combine Credit Card

This is the “stand alone base image” as it were for the credit card used in the “What’s in your combines wallet” image I submitted just a second ago, includes front and back sides of the card. Again as stated in the previous submission, this was made in a similar style to the Credit Card and Security ID Card tutorials found at


24. Business Credit Card-Cosmetics

This photo was taken on March 30, 2010.


25. Captain Tooth paste Credit Card

This photo was taken on May 3, 2010.


26. Bank of Ireland

ATM/Credit card design for Bank of Ireland, Northern Ireland, based on the layout of Eamhain Macha or Navan Fort. Shot by Kevin Dunne in Liberty Lane studio.


27. Vavakx Is Card

If you don’t pay, Vavakx will come and haunt you when you sleep!


28. Credit Card Image


29. Credit Card by okansoylutur

Designed in PS CS4 and 3DS MAX 2010.


30. GEX Credit Card

G.E.X. Membership department store credit card! Expired!This photo was taken on February 20, 2007 using a Fujifilm FinePix S5700 S700.


31. Ouro card Collection

A Banco do Brazil Ourocard/Visa credit card collection with characters of the movie RIO.


32. Lord and Taylor Old Credit Card

Old Lord & Taylor department store credit card. Expired!This photo was taken on February 20, 2007 using a Fujifilm FinePix S5700 S700.


33. Cat Design Credit Card

Cali was the most content cat of the shoot. She was so relaxed in the warmth of the lights that she didn’t want to move! It was all we could do to keep her awake so you could all enjoy those gorgeous golden eyes.


34. Virgin Money Credit Card

The client bombed this design, but still dig the pants off it.


35. Bankia

Tarjeta para MTV Bankia


Some creative and professional card designs presented above makes you customize your card. Enjoy!