Working from home is a deadly trap. An individual, who can concentrate easily, will reap maximum benefits. However, for some who have problem concentrating, things could turn out into a nightmare. If you lack the focus and concentration required to work from your home, it can lead to a pretty poor work-rate. For those who have a problem concentrating while working at home, there may be a number of factors which are responsible.


It is very important to understand the causes of this ‘lack of concentration’ before seeking solutions to concentrate better.


  • First and foremost thing is the focus. Concentration is usually determined by how focused you are. For you to get focus in your work, liking what you are doing is essential. Everyone knows that for a person to concentrate better, work must seem like fun. It is not the case in most situations. If a software analyst is assigned the work of marketing assignments, clearly it is a case of mismatched work assignment. If an individual does not like what he or she does, they will never be able to focus. This is especially true in case of those who work from their respective houses. Studies have showed that those who do not like what they do, are often the victims of lack of concentration.
  • There is a tendency many a times to get distracted. Many people get easily distracted by any sort of disturbance. Be it the Internet, TV or any other form of entertainment. Again this may be linked to the fact that they have a difficulty in concentrating.
  • Most often, those working from their homes do not have to worry about deadlines. Many are not bothered about deadlines, as there is not a physical form of supervision above them. At home an individual has to motivate oneself. There are no bosses to motivate an individual in person. This can cause problems in concentrating.
  • Some people often thrive in an office environment. They can work better when they have a supportive environment. In an office, the environment is conducive to working. Also specific deadlines are imposed while working in an office. You have to fulfill those deadlines before day ends.
  • Many people get distracted too easily. The environment at home is prone to disturbance. Family members are bound to cause different sorts of disturbances. It is very hard to work, if proper concentration is not maintained.

Now these were the causes. There are multiple remedies to rectify the concentration problems and focus better. You can easily eliminate distractions, provided you focus better.

working with concentration

  • For many people, distractions come in because they cannot focus. Meditation is a very effective form of concentrating. It increases your focus and also keeps your mind sharp. The work output will also be much higher if meditation is practiced on a regular basis.
  • While working, only work. There may be many distractions while working from home. You may remember an urgent task to be done or you may have to fetch grocery items from the market, be focused that nothing will sway you away from your work. Be focused and dedicated in your approach while working.
  • The best way to avoid distractions is to put a ‘do not disturb’ sign. Sit in your room or in a place where no one will be disturb you. Lock your room or put a ‘do not disturb’ sign to leave you alone.
  • Get a work place for yourself. Even if it is small and simple, doesn’t matter. Try to form your own space for working. Working in an office oriented environment helps you to focus better.
  • Always respect your deadlines. Working from home, there is a general tendency to fall prey to distractions and ignore deadlines. If you really respect your work, you will eliminate these distractions and work in a focused manner. Professional attitude is a must.
  • Always make a timetable for working. Keep a fixed period of time for your work. You will get a rough idea regarding the amount of time you will require in finishing your work before the deadline. With this vague idea in mind, plan your work schedule. Allot some extra time in case of assigned work taking a bit longer.
  • After working for a while, people very easily get swayed by distractions. Many people think I have worked for so long; I will take a 5 minute break now. However, they get engulfed in that web of distraction, which often removes the focus from the work. After a while when you get back to work, you don’t possess the required energy and enthusiasm to finish the work. This will result in loss of interest and you lose your focus. Try to remain focused on your work while working.
  • Multi-tasking must be avoided. While working, always prioritize work. To keep yourself fresh, keep some music playing in the background. Get on your headphones and listen to calming music while working. Avoid listening to fast paced music, as it very often tends to put off your focus.
  • Keep your cell phone away from you. However important the message or call may be, do not allow it to sway you off your work. This can only be possible when you develop a professional approach towards your work.
  • In most cases, work is done on a computer or a laptop. It is very easy to get access to the internet and all the distractions associated with it. As internet is the source of information for most people’s work, it is also the hub for more than 95% distractions. Social networking sites and video portals are often the chief distracters. It is important to put the focus on your work while working and devoting time for these distractions once done with work.

The critical factor for an individual to eliminate distractions is to love the work he or she is doing. If you love what you do, you will enjoy it and will be less prone to getting disturbed.

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