“Photo manipulation is the application of image editing techniques to photographs in order to create an illusion or deception (in contrast to mere enhancement or correction), through analog or digital means.” – Wikipedia

The term “illusion or deception” does not necessarily means that photo manipulation is an immoral or an illegal thing to do. If you have seen the Jurassic Park or any Harry Potter movie you will agree that photo manipulations can be used for the amusement and entertainment of the general public.

Below I have collected 40 photo manipulated pictures of females. The intention is merely the entertainment of the readers of this blog.


Oscar Wilde, the great English language writer and wit was of the opinion that – “Women are meant to be loved, not to be understood.” We should leave psychoanalysts to decide whether he was right or not but I quoted him because this quote is fitting here. You should not try to understand the meaning of the following images. These pictures are meant merely to be loved so go ahead and fall in love with them.

1. Timshel

Cold is the water, It freezes your already cold mind,  Already cold, cold mind, And death is at your door stair, And it will steal your innocence, But it will not steal your substance.


2. Elixir of Life

A mix of jewelry, water drops, roses, lot of glitter and a parrot. hope you like my old obsession of showing death and its variations. we can die, but beautifully. to die is to live again.


3. Female Paint Dancer

Digital Imaging project of a girl jumping/dancing with paint splashes from her body.


4. Colorful Nature Sound


5. Persephone

The perfect time to create something colorful like this! I love autumn and I already enjoyed taking pictures of the splendid nature. In this manipulation I used a couple of my photos and some stock_Lilyas.


6. Forest Nymph

Photo manipulation to create a forest nymph; skin covered in leaf motif.


7. Ev 2 Ke


8. Natural Growth


9. Kasandra


10. Breath-Grey

Trying out some new things with color and lighting. With this one I gray scaled and let the colors speak for themselves. Hope you guys enjoy_Lil shadow.


11. Dancer Illustration

Manipulate a single stock image in Photoshop to create a dance illustration.


12. Science Fiction Combat Scene

Create a science fiction photo manipulation in Photoshop.  First, we’ll start by creating a futuristic style city, followed by adding in our main character, and then lastly, we’ll add some combat elements to it.


13. A Human Robot

Create a detailed composition of a human/robot hybrid. To make this happen we will use a combination of tools and effects in Photoshop that when used properly can yield some great results. If you’re ready to start building the machine then let’s get down to business!


14. Transforming the Image of a Girl into a Milk Figure

Create Blood and Milk Typography Poster in Photoshop.


15. Take Me To You

The 3rd Chronicle begins with the “First Flight” . photography of the beautiful lady by Tuan.


16. Chase The Sun

This photo manipulation was based on the song Chase The Sun by Planet Funk. I wanted the model to be bursting with sunlight.


17. Greek Sculpture

Create a Greek sculpture using several stock images. We will then discuss how to add blood, cracks, and other elements to give it texture and depth.


18. Heavens


19. Creation


20. Source


21. Twinkle


22. Precious


23. Let Me Dance


24. Rainbow


25. What if God was a Woman

This piece started out with just playing around with the displacement effect. Then, inspiration hit me and I started to add the other elements into the composition. Here is the result_Joakim Unge.


26. Bitch


27. Summoning the Life


28. Dancers Odyssey


29. The Police Officer


30. Can You Feel It

It was based on Can You Feel It by Timberland, “Hands up in the air, Blazing lights flashing everywhere”


31. Bionical

Just a little something different.


32. Waiting For The End

This Photo Manipulation is based on the new Link in Park video “Waiting for the End”. If you check out the video then you’ll know what i mean. Cosmos, lines and Emotion.


33. The Light of Universe


34. Don’t waste your life

Alert for the fact of warns that people can choose the side of life more natural and healthy or choose
the darker side and detrimental to your life!


35. Red Angel

The beauty can be fixed by an angel soul!


36. The Royal Guardian


37. High Impact fashion poster


38. Inner Conflict


39. A Soul’s Silhouette


40. The Island


The general public is mainly divided into two categories about photo manipulations. One category believes that beauty lies in neutrality and originality and therefore by manipulating something or some image you are detaching it of its beauty. The second category believes that if by adding artificial ingredients you are enhancing the beauty of something then you are most welcome to do so. I think the latter category is correct because if the first view is correct then not only photo manipulations but also places like beauty parlors and saloons should be banned.

What do you think of photo manipulations and the photos presented above? Do leave a comment below.