Those who think war is evil are seriously flawed in their thinking. There are some times when you have to go to war because your opponents leave you with no other option and sometimes you need to fight in order to survive. If this were not the case the government or the social service federations would have objected strongly against those training centers that teach fighting skills like martial arts. They operate because they are hailed as self defense training institutes.


It is common knowledge that usually the environment of a person drastically affects his behavior. If you want your child to become a scientist then you should cover his bedroom’s walls with the portraits of Newton and Einstein and his book shelves with classic science books. Similarly if you want your child to become brave and unafraid then the advisable thing is that you should let him watch action movies and put combat posters on his wall. Perhaps my pictures below will help you choose some and perhaps these pictures can make a small contribution in making people brave and strong.

1. Birth of Nation


2. Hercules in Battle

Concept set piece for the upcoming Hercules comic book by Radical Publishing. This was done as a film pitch to Hollywood studios.


3. Springs of Cresson

The knight in focus is the Grandmaster of the Templars, Gerard de Ride fort, who was one of only a few that survived the battle.


4. Iron crane


5. The Honey Badger

Dean Kelly’s evocative artwork shows the distinctive Ratel in action with supporting South African Infantry. A stunning work, this print truly depicts the intensity of South Africa’s bush war.


6. Empire-Total War

PC Gamer cover-artwork for the SEGA/ Creative Assembly game “Empire: Total War”. As usual, no use of 3d, completely done in Photoshop and Painter.


7. God of War

This is the illustration I did for Game Informer magazine. I had the most fun painting up this image. It was a huge challenge to come up with an image that shows so many different elements in it and still be dynamic. You have Kratos riding and fighting a huge Cyclops, the Cyclops swatting away Grunts with an army of them coming to join the fight, all while on top of the Titan Gaia, and all while she’s climbing up Mount Olympus…


8. War Portrait

This photo was taken on April 15, 2009 using a Nikon D700.


9. Air Combat


10. Heroes of might and magic


11. Duel


12. Dragon v/s Soldiers


13. Return to Neon City

Another book cover for publisher “Fabryka Slow”, something loosely Blade Runner inspired.


14. Go Zeta man Go

Image done for CGS challenge.


15. Reykjavik Invasion

Pilots begin to descend upon Reykjavik for EVE Fan fest 2012.


16. Varian Wynn v/s Dragon


17. War Craft Troll


18. Trip flares

By Michael Fay during the war in Iraq.


19. World of War Craft


20. Wow Tauren

Another WOW TCG piece, with masterful colors by the very awesome Chris Lichtner.


21. York Town

My latest work for the game Empire. Its just my artistic vision of the Yorktown siege at the end of the Independence war.


22. Saving Private Ryan Tank Attack

Here is a scene from Saving Private Ryan..The tank attack.


23. Front Mission: Against the Sun


24. No One Left Behind


25. The last Day


26. Forest Ambush


27. Bad Company


28. Epic Monster Battle

This is a set piece I did for Radical Publishing for one of their properties but was never used and henceforth I never finished it_Wrait.


29. Fatal battle Ground


30. Swat in Action


31. Extreme Condition

So here is the my submission to the next CG society challenge titled Secret Agent. This image really threw me into the deep end and Truly took me out of my comfort zone, learnt a lot form this image, more than any other so expect to see more of these kind of illustrations in the future_Phoenix.


32. Assassins

This is a one-sheet poster I did for Radical Publishing’s Assassins a while back. A highly fictional and fantastical take on the medieval Crusades, its shows Richard the Lion heart and Saladin fighting side by side against hordes of assassins_Wraith.


33. Hose Down


34. Exiled To Earth


35. Ambush


The above collection of 35 pictures was very carefully chosen and took a lot of time and effort. I will be really happy if you could take out some time from your busy schedule and drop in a comment below to let me know what you think about them.