These days its quite difficult to find Hollywood movies without VFX works. Some movies make minimal use of such effects, while others have plots and scenarios that depend almost entirely on computer generated images. Examples of films include The Matrix, Narnia and The Lord of the Rings, recently avatar that captivated the audience with special effects. Its not an easy task to work on VFX and product an outcome to satisfy directors and audience.

If the opportunity comes every VFX aspirant would be interested in having a look how they made the final effect. We tried to show them demos of few popular effects.


Have fun!

1. 3 idiots

Visual effects making of the movie 3 idiots


2. Fast & Furious 4 Visual Effects

Some of the best madest video effects in Fast & Furious


3. Prince of Persia VFX Breakdown


4. Trap code particular version

A final montage of the Trap code projects i have had a go at with New scenes included. The possibilities of the Trap code software are endless and would recommend it to anyone. No live footage, still pictures only with masks and animation_Fleet Flux.


5. Upper First


6. Mathieu char donnet show reel


7. Ice and Rock

Commercial produced by Tax Free Film for Sector.


8. Mark Williams VFX Show reel

Here are some VFX shots I have worked on recently. Mostly using 3ds Max, Fume Fx, particle flow & Nuke_Gomi.


9. Steven Knipping’s FX Demo Reel

Here it is, my demo reel showing off my best VFX work to date (at least until Madagascar 3 is officially released)! I am responsible for creating everything in this reel except for the sketch itself of the lion and girl drawn by Chris Sanders, and only responsible for the lighting in the How To Train Your Dragon shots_Steven Knippings.


10. Alberto Ortega Show Reel


11. Christopher Puchta

demo reel showing my work from ‘Clash of the Titans’ (FX TD doing fluid sims and comp), ‘Underworld: Rise of the Lycans’ (Lead FX TD doing fluid sims, match moving and comp) and ‘Time trip: The Curse of the Viking Witch’_Christopher Puchta.


12. Digital Domain Company Demo Reel


13. Troll VFX Show Reel

Troll VFX show reel 2012 spring.


14. 2012 Vfx Shot Breakdowns from Scan line

Done by scan line vfx.


15. Making of Hancock

Shot break down of the final flight scene from Hancock movie.


16. TRIADA Studio VFX Reel


17. VFX Show reel 2011 Breakdowns

VFX breakdowns of selected shots from my 2011 VFX Show reel.All work was created with 3ds max, After Effects and Photoshop.


18. Packshot Show Reel 2011


19. Sea Master


20. Bryan Thombs VFX/CG Supervisor

All the work was done with Maya using either Mental Ray or Render man. Compositing was done with either After Effects or Nuke.


21. Houdini Demo Reel

This reel highlights some of the amazing work created by Houdini artists over the last year. From feature films to commercials to student projects and video game cinematic, it is wonderful to see what can be accomplished with Houdini’s visual effects and animation tools.


22. John Stewart-Compositor

This is the 2011 Show Reel for John Stewart.


23. Artifex Studios VFX Reel


24. Vfx reel from Andrew Roberts

A selection of some shots & shows I’ve worked on in the past 10 years. GI Joe – Night Raven & Stage 1/2 Missile Lighting & Rendering, Aero Troopers – Effects, Shading, Lighting, Compositing.Get Smart 767, Cessna & SUV Sequence – CG Supe, LnR, Die Hard 4 – Cg Supe, Vehicle animation, LnR, Effects Animation Laundry Warrior -CG Supe


25. V-Ray Film & Visual Effects Demo Reel

The Official V-Ray Demo Reel 2011 – Film & Visual Effects Industry.


26. Nicolas Thief fry show reel

Nicolas Thief fry Show reel 2011.


27. Vfx demo reel Anna Ivanovo


28. Hong Chang(Kenzie) Chen Show reel

The projects I worked so far, including feature film, commercial films, short animation, and personal projects.


29. Philipp Pavlov Show reel


30. Real Flow Demo Reel


We hope that you will appreciate this form of art, and get inspired to create your own!