It doesn’t matter how good is your web host or how they commit on 99.9% uptime, you still could expect downtime of your business site. Certainly you don’t want to be notified by your customer right? Thus, Monitive is a new and reliable Uptime monitoring service which auto checks your site every minute and notifies you immediately during its down time. Its premium account checks your site 1440 times a day from various locations around the world and notifies you immediately over SMS, Email or through social networks. Monitive also keeps track of your website in terms of security for malware, domain expiration SSL, DNS, etc…

By using normal uptime monitors you’ll get to know whether your webserver is up or not, but you can’t be assured of whether your site is up or not. Here at Monitive you can add a keyword  to look for within the page’s contents to make your pages are up.

Monitive Features


  • Reliable uptime monitoring service
  • Worldwide coverage
  • 1 minute monitoring
  • Email, SMS, Twitter, HTTP POST and PagerDuty instant notifications
  • Performance monitoring
  • Malware detection
  • Domain name & SSL certificate expiration monitoring
  • Automated outage diagnosis
  • Multiple account users with custom access
  • Weekly reports

What you Win

3 Premium licenses for free

How to Win

Simple, just comment why you want to win this.

Sit back and relax till 20th Feb 2013, winners will be announced anytime after this.