50 Fresh and Free WordPress Themes

WordPress is the most preferred Content Management System (CMS) in this day and age because of ease of use, usability and loads of unique features. WordPress frequently is employed as blog publishing application that is powered by PHP and MySQL. Ability to change the theme of your WordPress anytime according to your needs and taste is one of the most valuable features WordPress offers. There are almost countless free and premium themes available for WordPress blogs to choose from. Let [&hellip

WpStyles.org – Quality and Affordable Premium WordPress Themes

WordPress is one of the top blog software in web now. If you compare the world of blogging, 80% of professional bloggers use WordPress for blogging. There are hundreds of expert web designers who design and provide the latest WordPress themes for bloggers.There are some sites which provide reviews to these premium WordPress themes. One such site where you can get review and have trusted WordPress theme for your business or blog is wpStyles. About wpStyles wpStyles is one of [&hellip

30 Awesome Premium-Like Free WordPress Themes

WordPress is the most popular CMS thanks to its ease of use and the multitude of features. One of the amazing features are the themes which gives you the possibility to change the appearance of a website with only a few clicks. Below I gathered 30 of the best free wordpress themes which will certainly beautify your wordpress based website. Journal Crunch Journal Crunch is a wordpress theme which fits perfect for sharing thoughts blog types and photography. It has [&hellip

Toggle WordPress Blog Into Supported Multiple Languages: 10 Popular WordPress Plugins

Today we are listing here 10 Most Popular multiple language wordpress plugins, which will allows visitors to toggle wordpress based website to any supported language. The multi-lingual sites are becoming essential for many businesses, especially those that market products internationally. All of the plugins listed below supports all western character sets as well as non-western languages, such as Asian and Arabic

20 Most Beautiful Corporate Website Designs Powered by WordPress

Everyone knows very well WordPress is open source with a strong development base and even stronger support community. It’s being used by thousands of designers, devlopers and business owners all over the world. It has become a favorite tool for creating CMS based websites. Below is a list of some of the best designed corporate websites for your inspiration

28 Best Quality Textured Backgrounds Free WordPress Themes

If you are looking for free quality one type of style themes for your valued blog, It takes time to search for nice looking WordPress themes, here is a compiled list of great collection of 28 best quality textured backgrounds free wordpress themes you maybe haven’t seen yet. All themes quality well designed elegance and an easy to use interface. I hope you Enjoy!

The Top 7 Quality Free WordPress Themes Released in February 2009

If you are looking for free quality themes for your valued blog, here is a small but great collection of 7 free WordPress Themes you maybe haven’t seen yet. All themes quality well designed elegance and an easy to use interface. I hope you Enjoy!

Community News Plugin for Non-Programmer Bloggers

Here is the great Community News plugin for wordpress lover, developed by Frank Verhoeven. With this new Community News plugin you allow your visitors to add micro-news / articles to the sidebar. The plugin comes with built-in moderation panel and a settings page; you can sit back while you have full control about the look and article that being posted. The main reason is to pull massive traffic to the blog. This is a 100% free type of marketing. Enjoy!

The Classic Collection of Free WordPress Themes Released in January 2009

Here is a small classic collection of free WordPress themes. All themes released in the last month January, 2009, all themes was created with the online professional in mind. Some themes is packed full of options which enable you to change the look and feel and functionality of the theme via an easy to use theme options page and all abdoultly free of cost

How to: Display Adsense After The First And After The Any Post In WordPress Blog

I am using this code in this blog to display adsense after first post and after any post. In this tutorial I will show you how you display Adsense after first post and after 2nd post or after any post in your blog within the Loop. In the tutorial I am use code examples to show you easy method to editing your WordPress theme