Media Temple And Its WordPress Hosting Plan

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The simplest way and the most secure way to get a website up and running is to be on a self-hosted WordPress blog. Now, there are many other blogging platforms and website creator tools and don’t bore me by listing all of them in the comments below. I am not saying there are no others. But I am saying that if you have no time for research and want to publish a site soon, just select a self-hosted WordPress and [&hellip

20 Free WordPress themes for Sports Blogs


WordPress is a content management system that was released in the year 2003 and within less than a decade’s time this CMS has become viral. This CMS works on PHP and MySQL computer language and has become a hot favorite of the web designers because it is an open source platform with great user interface. Another reason owing to which it has been widely accepted by the developers is that many free themes are also available which make it easier [&hellip

15 Amazing Pink WordPress Themes


Progress in technology has turned the web world into the most sought after marketing platform. It has made communication much easier and aided to reach out to targeted clients irrespective of their geographical location. Thus professionals and entrepreneurs from different fields are trying to exploit the web world to reach out to the prospective clients. WordPress is a user friendly open source content management system that is ideal for developing different kinds of website. Another advantage of using WordPress CMS [&hellip

35 Creative WordPress Themes with Multiple Color Options


Word Press is one of the most dynamic open source content management systems which is used by about 70 million sites on the web world. This CMS was developed for supporting blogging sites, but as the functionalities of the WordPress CMS increased it began to be used by different kinds of organizations and institutions for establishing their online presence. The best part of using WordPress CMS is that the web developers have the opportunity of using different themes available on [&hellip

20 Superb WordPress Themes for Kid Niche Blogs


WordPress is the most sought after content management system that is being used by entrepreneurs who want to establish their online website. The two main reasons for the overwhelming popularity of the WordPress themes are its user friendly interface and dynamic functionalities. For endorsing different brands for kids many specialized and extremely attractive WordPress themes are present. Impressing the kids is not an easy task. Not only the web designs need to be attractive and engaging so that it can [&hellip

30 Premium Music WordPress Themes for Inspiration


WordPress content management system has gained immense popularity in the recent time owing to the versatility of this CMS. This CMS comes with diverse functionalities which can be customized in many ways according to the need of the webmaster. So WordPress has evolved as one of the most popular CMS that is opted by vast majority of people for developing websites of different genres like different kinds of blogging sites, music sites, company site and many more. The energetic WordPress [&hellip

45 Awesome Dark WordPress Themes


Word Press is the most dynamic content management platform that has the largest number of users from all over the world. This platform attracts the largest number of developers because it is extremely user friendly and comes with diverse functionality. Another factor that has also contributed to its popularity among the designers is the persistent help that is provided by the lively WordPress community. They are constantly coming up with new innovations like wide range of templates, along with integration [&hellip

Best Classified WordPress Themes


Word Press classified themes are undoubtedly the best alternative available to all the web designers who are developing classified websites as all the important features that are important for a classified website can be effortlessly integrated in the classified Word Press themes

25 Important Hacks for WordPress Comment Page


Comment page is an integral of the every website. Since website is an impersonal interface, therefore integrating the comment section becomes very important. This section facilitates interaction between the webmaster and visitors of the website and thus transforms the webpage into an interactive platform. The comment section in a website can help the webmasters to get useful feedbacks from the readers and the clients. Moreover, it will also help the readers to place their queries before a large number of [&hellip

25 Best WordPress Themes for Freelancers


Word Press is the most popular content management system that is widely used for different kinds of website like blogs, official website of business houses, government websites and other kinds of websites. Developing a website with Word Press content management system is really easy and even an individual with little knowledge in computer language can easily use it. However, they should make the best use of the tools that have been developed by the Word Press community to get the [&hellip