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Web Development

TOWeb A Responsive Website Creation Software


With the advent of technology more and more smartphones and tablets are being manufactured because there is a lot of demand for them in the market. Lots of people are buying these devices and a significant percentage of them are buying them merely as a fashion accessory. Anyways since people are no longer accessing websites through their desktops, website owners must pay heed to this point if they want to run a successful website. Your website must load and perform [&hellip

15 Creative and Useful Photoshop Scratch Brushes


Web development is an elaborate and complex process involving the use of a wide variety of skills. The entire process can be divided into many specific segments and for successfully completing each and every one of these segments one would require the aid of professionals from different niches. One of the fundamental skills that is required for designing a website is graphic designing involving the use of Adobe Photoshop. This software is used for creating the visual illustrations present on [&hellip

30 Awesome and Useful Mac Apps for Developers


Usually the developers design different kinds of applications to make our life convenient. In reality even they need a lot of apps for organizing their work and increasing their productivity. With the use of these applications performing various tasks like resizing images without diminishing its quality, uploading the photographs, sharing photos, links and other contents become much easier. Moreover, some applications can also help the users to search relevant files on their computer and on the internet easily when this [&hellip

15 jQuery Plugins for Twitter Lovers


JQuery is free software that is based on JavaScript. This scripting language helps in simplifying the computer programs that are needed for the proper functioning on the different browsers. jQuery is primarily useful for creating attractive animations in the website with precision, for increasing the interactivity of the platform and inclusion of such other dynamic elements in the websites. This scripting language is preferred by the developers because this program is light in weight and has a wide range of [&hellip

How To Successfully Transform Your Blog Into A Webstore


Transforming your blog into a webstore can be a very intimidating process. But all it really takes is breaking everything down into manageable steps. Every phase has plenty of time built in, because you need to step back and observe your changes to make sure they’re working the way you want them to. So don’t think of it as a huge shift, but rather as a slow process that you can adapt to suit your own products, interests, and growth [&hellip

25 Best and Free Flash Web Templates


Photographs are one of the most cherished possessions which help us to revisit the special moments of the past time and again. In the recent times preserving the photographs has become much easier as the whole process has been digitized. Along with storing, the mechanism of editing has also become easier which has enabled the photographer to transform a simple photograph into a really awesome one with the help of some simple applications. Adobe Photoshop is the by far the [&hellip

25 Best Drupal Themes For your Projects


When the discussion is about the best open source content management system, then the name of Drupal is bound to come up. However, there is a myth associated with the name of the Drupal CMS i.e. it a very complicated CMS that is not at all user friendly and it is only suitable for the big enterprises. Moreover only an expert webmaster can handle the different aspect of this CMS properly. But these facts are not at all true as [&hellip

20 Free jQuery Pagination Plugins for Web Designers


Pagination is a process whereby the different information, data and contents of the webpage can be divided into discrete parts. This process can be applied in the online as well as offline pages to chalk out the different vital information and give them the due exposure. Such effects can be easily brought about in a website with the integration of jQuery plugins. Application of pagination techniques is particularly important for websites where there are a lot of facts that need [&hellip

25 Awesome Free and Premium Web Admin Templates


An efficient administration panel is a primary requirement of all websites. The webmasters would need it to update the new things, understand the trend of the websites, evaluate the response to the changes that have been brought about in the website and perform many other functions. The requirement of the web admin of the ecommerce sites are much more as through the admin panel the webmaster keeps a close watch on the sales figure, accounts as well as the transactions [&hellip

25 Best JavaScript Libraries


Most of us are only acquainted with the ultimate result of a toilsome procedure that is the catchy websites and dynamic software which are extremely useful to us. The developers need to use complicated programming and coding languages for days which ultimately generates such unique results. JavaScript is a very useful coding language that is mainly used for integrating special functions in a normal HTML coded page. The task is extremely complicated and the developers need to give a lot [&hellip