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35 Best Doodle Based Website Designs for Inspiration


A website of an enterprise or a blogging site or any other genre of websites represent the webmasters personal domain, but this platform has been developed as a means or an interface whereby the webmaster as an representative of the website will be able to reach out to the prospective clients and thereby generate new business opportunities. Therefore, every webmaster makes an earnest effort to beautify the website in such a way so that it can right away engage the [&hellip

Awesome Super Sleek Contact Forms


Contact forms are an integral part of a website whereby the visitors of the websites can contact the webmaster for any query or even for discussing the business opportunities. Thus one of the primary duties of the web designers is to develop a simple yet creative interface that will be beneficial for the webmaster as well as the prospective clients. It is always better to develop a sleek as well as crisp contact form so that the visitors are not [&hellip

Delicious Coffee Website Designs for Inspiration


“A lot can happen over coffee.” So goes the tagline of Cafe Coffee Day. Nowadays coffee has become almost synonymous with dating. When a boy wishes to ask a girl out he usually says – “How about a coffee tomorrow evening?” But before asking a girl for a coffee you must know which are the best coffee shops out there. You surely won’t want to take a girl out and mess your date up with poor tasting coffee and untidy [&hellip

30 Awesome Designs with Monochromatic Color Palettes


Who says websites should be as colorful as a nursery kid’s sketchbook? In fact too much use of colors, especially the bright ones like dark orange and dark yellow, can result in poor quality and give your site a nitty-gritty appearance. Have you ever noticed that Facebook uses a single color – navy blue – in abundance on its site? Although there are many ways you can structure your site using minimalist colors, but one way to do so is [&hellip

40 Creative Advertising and Marketing Agency Websites


No matter how many promotional methods exist today, advertisements are still one of the most popular ways to popularize your business. Perhaps one of the most important reasons for the success of ads is that ads create a large impact with very little money. Although there are some variations but roughly speaking you will have to pay only one dollar when your ad gets 1000 page impressions. (That roughly means when 1000 people see your ad.) So you can get [&hellip

15 Beautiful Collage Style WebPages for Inspiration


The word collage is derived from the French word “collar” which means “glue”. It is basically a technique of art production, mainly used in the visual arts, where the work in question is made from bits and pieces of different materials, sticking them or gluing them together on a canvas, thus making a new whole. Don’t think it is an art only for the nursery classes. Giants of painting world like Braque and Picasso have been credited with the invention [&hellip

30 Worlds Best Car Brand Website Designs


Whether moral or immoral, right or wrong, it is a fact that a person having a car is considered higher in society than a person who doesn’t. The guard at the five star hotel stands and salutes him who enters in a car while people on bikes or people who walk there way in are ignored. Girls tend to be more attracted towards boys who have cars than those who don’t. In fact I remember Jeffrey Archer say in his [&hellip

25 Examples of Websites with Delicious Food Photography


Obviously food is a basic necessity of life. Every human being needs it. Food comes in a large variety. Different parts of the world have different eating norms. Foods have enabled many other businesses to run and thrive which are indirectly related to it. For e.g. mixer grinders, water purifiers, refrigerators, crockery, etc. are in business because of food

45 Inspirational and Creative Website Footer Designs


A footer in terms of web pages is the text that appears at the bottom of the page and which traditionally contains the information like the author of the document, copyright information, links to terms of use, contact information, etc. Different website owners choose to display different types of information in the footer. Some people use it to only display the copyright sign and year while some others use it so as to contain a list of links to other [&hellip

45 Inspirational and Unic About Me Pages


Professional bloggers tell us that the most visited page of their website is their “About” page. For example once Darren Rowse – the blogging authority – once made a post on his blog saying that the two most visited pages of his blog are “About ProBlogger” and “About Darren” pages. He also added that similar results hold for his other blogs. Don’t dismiss these facts by saying that this is just one man’s experience and therefore does not have general [&hellip