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25 Amazing Triangular Logo designs


Triangle is a symbol that is being used since the beginning of civilization for portraying different things. It has been used to convey different things and emotions like to symbolize women, authority and power, masculinity, to show movements and many other things. Even today, the shape triangle is widely used by designers and creative artists as it helps in conveying a lot of positive sentiments like versatility, stability, direction, strength, advancement and traditionalism. Since triangle portrays so many positive aspects, [&hellip

25 Creative and Minimal Text-based Web designs


Clean and clutter free web designing is the trend of this season which has received a good response from internet users. Minimalistic web designs help the viewers to focus on the few elements present on the website and thereafter take up the initiative to browse through it systematically so that they can get a better understanding about the enterprise as well as their services. Statistics reveal that on websites with minimalistic text based designs, clients spend greater amount of time [&hellip

Selling Jewelry Online? Few Things To Consider Then


Whether you are making your own artisan jewelry or selling other people’s wares, you can reach a wide customer base through opening an eCommerce store. No matter how beautiful your jewelry, if you do not have a website that stands out from the crowd, you will lose potential sells. Furthermore, you want to make sure that you can represent the beauty of your jewelry accurately while also drawing in customers. Many customers prefer purchasing jewelry in person because they like [&hellip

30 Book Based Logo Designs for Inspiration


Book is an object with which we get acquainted from infancy, as a child starts going to play schools. Therefore, viewers of different age groups can easily relate with the symbol of books. Since the symbol of books is easily recognizable, different type of organizations, especially educational organization, use this emblem for designing the logo of the company. Apart from this intrinsic advantage of the symbol of book, there is also a disadvantage of using book logo. This commonplace symbol [&hellip

15 Very Useful Portable Apps For Web Designers and Developers


Web development is an important branch of Information Technology. For launching a beautiful and fully functional website, skills of a variety of professionals,who are conversant with different kinds of software, are required. Any individual has to learn the use of these niche web designing applications in order use them proficiently and thereafter develop different parts of a website. Therefore, in most cases such software’s are not present in the computers used for general purposes as the common mass are not [&hellip

40 Beautiful PSD Stickers Templates


All the designs that we see on the web pages are created with the help of Photoshop or other graphic designing tools. However, the PSD files are not supported by most browsers and thus the developers need to transform them into the compatible format so that the viewers can see them on the webpage. Stickers are used by the web designers for labeling different elements of the website so that it draws the attention of the viewers. Moreover, the use [&hellip

25 Worlds Best Classifieds Website Designs


Classifieds that were at one point of time the key feature of the print media, have now infiltrated the online world as well. In the last decade the number of active internet users has increased by manifold times and so the different brands from all around the world are trying to make the best use of this medium for reaching out to prospective consumers. Many classified websites are present, where the designers can post advertisements of their brand to reach [&hellip

25 Examples of Websites Using Office Stationery in their Designs


Creating an exclusive and engaging website is a very challenging task. The designers have to come up with some unique concept that is aesthetically beautiful and at the same time solve the purpose of creating a website. One of the styling techniques that have gathered a lot of appreciation from the viewers is using the office stationery design. The natural way in which we keep our office stationery on the desk can also be used creatively as a theme of [&hellip

Unique and Creative 404 Error Page Templates


Running a website successfully is not an easy task. The webmaster needs to keep a close eye on each and every page of the website and make sure that all of them are working perfectly. This is applicable for all genres of websites like company websites, ecommerce sites, blogs and others. These facts are extremely important for increasing the return of the company. However if there are some broken links in the website, the webmaster should take the initiative of [&hellip

30 Worlds Best Musician Websites Designs


Websites have evolved as one of the most important interface with the help of which the webmaster can easily connect with millions of fans from all over the world. All leading musical bands and individual stars have created a platform of their own in the virtual world with the help of which they can reach out to the aficionados in a much better way. One of the primary features of the best musician website is that it should be eye [&hellip