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Deals And Discounts And InkyDeals


InkyDeals is a website, headquartered in Bucharest, Romania which publishes daily deals in the web design and development niche. If you are related to design or development in any way, you should keep an eye on this website or subscribe to their email updates so that you may not miss any good deal from them. They have partnered with several awesome companies and together they all come up with quality deals. The image below shows their partner companies. Here I [&hellip

Five Tools Which You Can Use To Create Websites


People outside the website and blogging industry often feel intimidated by the amount of knowledge required in creating and running a website. What they don’t know is that all that information is not a prerequisite to run a site. Yes if you want something out of the normal, something superbly unique and stunning then you will need a developer to develop the website for you. But you can do quite well on your own too. A lot of tools exist [&hellip

Which Colors to Use for Your Call to Action Buttons


A call to action, as the name suggests, means when you call out to your audience to perform a particular action. For example asking your audience to subscribe to your newsletter, follow you on Facebook, or purchase your e-book are all examples of call to actions. Sometimes call to action is briefly referred to as a CTA. You can use simple hyperlinked text for your CTAs but why would you want to do that when you can use a stylish [&hellip

40 Creative Electrical Logos


The discovery of electricity can be traced back to the 600 BC, but it was not until the middle of the 18th century that utility and potential of the energy was realized. Electricity has played an important role for the flourishing and advancement of civilization. Without electricity so much advancement in the field of technology would have been impossible. Thus the market for different kinds of electrical goods is vast and there also exist a cut throat competition among the [&hellip

40 Creative and Energetic Sports Logo Designs


Most outdoor sports involve a lot of physical activities. Therefore, the players must have a high energy level and must be physically fit. In this round up, we are presenting before the readers a collection of creative and energetic sports logo designs of renowned team from different kinds of sports. The logo of a team is extremely important as it acts as a symbol of unity and helps in creating a brand identity for a particular team. Sports logo must [&hellip

40 Amazing Red Logo designs


Marketing a brand name before the prospective clients is crucial for the success of different kinds of business houses. Company logos are an important marketing tool that speaks a lot about the integrity and work ethics of a business houses. Therefore, entrepreneurs must hire a skilled logo designer and dedicate sufficient amount of time and energy to create a unique and attractive logo that will symbolize their brand. Red, being an attractive and bold color, is the first choice of [&hellip

35 Creative Retro And Vintage Web Designs


The term vintage or retro is used for describing an outdated trend or fashion which has again come into use in the recent time. Retro and vintage style designs are being widely used by the graphic artists for imparting an aged look to the designs created by them. The trends in website designing change every fortnight, however it is not possible for the webmaster to keep on changing the looks of the website along with the swing of the recent [&hellip

30 Beautiful Peacock Logo Designs


Peacocks are one of the most beautiful and colorful birds belonging to the pheasant family. This bird is a native species of the South Asia but it is also found others continents of Earth. The turquoise blue body color and distinctive fan like tail with colorful eye spots are the most distinctive features of a peacock and these two physical features make them appear so beautiful. The beauty of this creature is an important source of inspiration for the creative [&hellip

25 Creative Snowflake Logo Designs


Logos are an important advertising element that helps in creating a brand identity. Though the design of the logo is primarily dictated by the personal choice of the proprietors, the kind of company it is as well as the current trend, but there are certain common characteristics that must be integrated in all types of logo designs. Some of the important characteristics that should be present in all logo design are creativity, versatility, impactful and meaningful. One theme in logo [&hellip

35 Amazing Health Logo Design


Logos represent a brand. Moreover, these petite and creative designs reflect the goals of the organization and its nature as well. Therefore, the logo designers have the responsibility of sketching an out of the box logo that is relevant with the goals of the brand name and can effectively establish a distinctive identity. Logos are important for every industry be it automobile, health, designer houses or gadgets. They help in establishing a connection with the prospective clients which affect the [&hellip