30 Very Beautiful Duel Screen Wallpapers


Duel display setup is something i like when i sit at my desk, i really love it specially when am developing something. It really helps to organize the things and make life lot easier in design and developing. I often ready its very very helpful for video editors and 3D animators. I just found lot many advantages and disadvantages of having a duel setup specially for web designers and developers. Today i was searching for some nice wallpapers for my

30 Music Inspired Wallpapers For Music Lovers


Music, as they say, is the food for life. Imagine that you have to drive your car for 200 miles and your car’s music system is dysfunctional. How will the experience be? Well, certainly I wouldn’t be doing the job. Music is an art form whose medium is sound and silence. Just imagine what remarkable powers does this thing called music has. A person who lived decades ago recorded a song in his voice and that recording is available till

25 Beautiful Valentine Wallpapers Collection


“And think not you can direct the course of love; for love, if it finds you worthy, directs your course.” – Khalil Gibran “The mystery of love is greater than the mystery of death.” – Oscar Wilde ” . . . true love believes everything, and bears everything, and trusts everything.” – Charles Dickens Every third novel in English literature is a love story. This single fact should be enough to convince you of the power and majesty of love.

50 Best Happy Holidays Wallpapers

Holiday greetings are a selection of greetings that are often spoken with good intentions to strangers, family, or friends, in nations around the world, during the months of December and January. Typically, a greeting consists of the word “Happy” followed by the holiday, such as “Happy Chanukkah” or “Happy New Year”, although the phrase “Merry Christmas” is a notable exception. Holidays with greetings include Christmas, New Year’s Day Etc. Some greetings are more prevalent than others, depending on the cultural

10 Free Christmas 2011 Wallpapers From 2ExpertsDesign

Its Christmas time again and everybody will be decorating houses, shops and office. Why not our lovely desktops? At 2ExpertsDesign, we came up with 10 unique and fresh wallpapers for this season. Christmas 2011 wallpapers 1. Cartoon land Preview & Download 2. Snowy Christmas wallpaper Preview & Download 3. Merry Christmas Preview & Download 4. Bell Christmas wallpaper Preview & Download 5. Christmas bells Preview & Download 6. Red tone Christmas wallpaper Preview & Download 7. Merry and bright Preview

50 Beautiful Dual Screen Desktop Wallpapers

Computer users tend to change their desktop wallpaper so quickly based on their mood and upcoming or recent events. Therefore, they need a huge collection of attractive and beautiful wallpapers to decorate their desktop with. Wallpapers not only affect our mood but also reflect our atmosphere. Users with dual screen face difficulty in finding out desktop wallpapers that suit their mood and surrounding. So, here we thought to make this hurdle a smoothie by sharing this beautiful collection of Dual

65 Most Wanted Beautiful iPad Wallpapers

Here is a stunning collection of Apple iPad Wallpapers to let you decorate your favorite gadget. These days, iPad are everywhere. Everyone is using it as it has produced loads of excitement in the young generation. iPad with its amazing features has become the most favorite gadget of the youngsters as well as the elderly people. Here we are showcasing an exclusive collection of iPad wallpapers that go with the Apple theme and make your iPad look more charming. Enjoy!

60 Stunning 3D Wallpapers To Spice Up Your Desktop

Many people always search for amazing 3D wallpapers to decorate their desktop with. 3D wallpapers are always praised by their fans no matter how small the project is. Even a very small project can create tons of good feedback from the users. 3D artwork requires special software that include 3DMax, Maya, Blender, Caligari and Photoshop along with the artist’s aptitude, his skill and creativity. Here, we are sharing some nice and attractive 3D wallpapers that you must want for your

40 Beautiful Wallpapers to Get You Inspired

It’s a great source of inspiration to browse through wallpapers and change yours occasionally. We’ve handpicked some really beautiful wallpapers of different themes to help you keep your desktop fresh

600+ Dual Monitor Wallpapers Collection + Huge List of Resources

We’ve previously showcased some really nice 36 Beautiful Wallpapers for Minimalist Lovers, Desktop Wallpapers for Minimalist Lovers and FWA Cool Wallpapers Round-up. Today, we are showing you the Massive collection of beautiful dual-screen wallpapers. Thi’s following entry is dedicated to all you Dual Monitor lovers. We figured you could wear it proud and for starters, nice Dual wallpapers on the wide desktop