35 Vintage and Retro Wallpapers for your Desktop


Retro and vintage, though these two words have similar meaning, but the etymological meanings of these two words are not identical. The term vintage is used for referring to an object or style that belongs to a different period altogether. Whereas retro is used to refer to an object that is designed is an old fashioned way in the modern time to recreate the old style and ambiance. In the recent time, the trend of using different vintage or retro [&hellip

30 Awesome and Inspiring Eiffel Tower Wallpapers


Paris is a common dream destination of most youngsters. Eiffel tower and Louvre are the two most important landmarks of Paris that attract the maximum number of visitors to Paris. This massive iron structure of France was erected in the year 1889 by Gustave Eiffel, after whom the tower is named. Apart from being the tallest structure of France, it is also one of the most beautiful edifices of the world,so much so people from all over the world have [&hellip

30 Beautiful Candle Wallpaper for your Desktop


Candles have an aesthetic value and help in recreating a romantic ambiance. Moreover, the beam of light from the candle symbolizes hope and thus it is a positive symbol. Therefore, many people love having different kinds of candle surrounding them. However, it is also a cause of pollution and the fire of candles might prove to be extremely fatal. Therefore, many of us do not prefer using a lot of candles around us. Therefore, pictures or wallpapers of candles are [&hellip

40 Cute Disney Wallpaper For your Desktop


Characters of Disney are our all time favorite. Irrespective of age all of us love watching the animated Disney series time and again. The simple, cute and attractive Disney characters help us to forget all about our regular worries and helps in transcending us to an imaginary ideal world with least complexities. Moreover, many daily use articles are also available in designs based on our favorite Disney characters. These articles are in high demand among different age groups. Demand for [&hellip

30 Amazing Stone Wallpapers for your Desktop


Stone is an inanimate object that is formed by different physical and chemical processes. Stones are made from different kinds of minerals and their shape and size is dependent on the processes by which it is formed. Stones have a great aesthetic value and are extremely useful as well. In the prehistoric times, primitive man used stones as a tool for hunting animal, for cutting different kinds of objects and also for igniting fire. It was only after the discovery [&hellip

35 Inspirational Artworks and Wallpapers of The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey


The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey is a fantasy film that has been adapted from the book The Hobbit written by J. R. R. Tolkien. This is the first part of the trilogy series in which the protagonist Bilbo Baggins travels along with thirteen dwarves to the Middle Earth to recapture the Lonely Mountains from the antihero Smaug. Tolkien fans who have seen the Lord of the Rings for several times, would definitely love to watch The Hobbit as well. Hobbits [&hellip

45 Amazing Dark and Mysterious Fantasy Wallpapers


Fantasy is a type of fictional writing where there is predominance of magical and supernatural powers. In most cases all the fantasies are plotted by the writer in the medieval era and the characters etched by the novelist are deeply influenced by the medieval culture and customs. Along with the novelist, fantasy plots and settings are also very popular among the graphic artists. They love to give vision to the vivid descriptions of the fantasies penned by the novelist. Though [&hellip

25 Creative and Imaginative Science Fiction Wallpapers


Science fiction is an imaginative genre of literature which deals with futuristic technologies that has no connection with reality. This is one of the most favorite genres of fiction among different age groups. Children as well as adults love to watch sci-fi movies and read sci-fi books. Though science fictions are purely based on the imagination of the author, but the theme of the story has some connections with reality and is governed by the laws of nature. Most science [&hellip

15 Broken Heart Wallpapers for Your Desktop


Love is one of the most wonderful feelings that all of us experience at one point of time in our life. It sweeps us off our feet and helps in transcending to a magical world. It happens so quickly that we hardly get the opportunity to realize that we are in love. Therefore, the term ‘falling in love’ is aptly used for describing this particular feeling. However, falling out of love is not as easy as falling for it. Heartbreak [&hellip

25 Stunning Rainbow Wallpapers for your Desktop


A rainbow is caused when sunlight enters a particular raindrop and gets separated into various colors with which it is made. Different colors of the sunlight get refracted at a particular angle only and thus leading to the formation of a rainbow in a particular order of colors i.e. red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Millions of raindrops are required for the creation of a rainbow. Thus rainbows are formed only after it rains when the sun shines [&hellip