20 Best Real Time Analytic Tools


Websites are an interface that can be used to reach out to the global clients easily and from anywhere and at anytime. Thus the cyber space has emerged as the largest marketplace answering to the queries of the clients and meeting with their demands. However, to make the best use of this awesome facility, the entrepreneurs also require responding to the demands of the clients efficiently and quickly. So, most webmasters have taken up the initiative to embed real time [&hellip

20 Best and Useful Mind Mapping Tools


Mind maps are pictorial representations of connected ideas and information which can be used by individuals pursuing different kinds of vocation like by teachers for students, by team leaders or other professionals. Previously, these maps were created by sketching the related ideas by hand. However, with the development in technology many softwares and web applications have also come up which can perform the same task easily, efficiently and within less time. The users need to upload all the information and [&hellip

FlippingBook’s Quality Digital Publication Creator Tool


Things are going digital. Nowadays every Tom, Dick, and Harry owns a smartphone or a tablet. As an online publisher it is a great opportunity for you to reach millions of people through these devices. Yes you can publish a digital journal in any of the old traditional ways like PDFs or simple Word documents. But amongst the sea of other digital journals being published nowadays, how will you stand out of the crowd? In other words why should people [&hellip

25 Best tools to create beautiful collages online


Collages are assortment of different photographs that are put together to create a new photograph with a different meaning altogether. This art form has been practiced with hard copies of photographs since time immemorial. In the course of last few years the world of photography has become totally digitized. The photos clicked with advanced cameras are directly stored in the memory card and from there it can be transferred to the computer. Along with the digitization of photography, many photo [&hellip