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There are many ways to design a website and your approach differs slightly whether it’s a static or a dynamic website. But generally speaking it involves the following simplified stages. Understand the briefing Plan the project Design and show your client the site’s wireframe and prototype Refine the graphics and show them to your client Slice the graphics and write the code Test, validate and debug the code Show the website to your client Repeat the process 2-3 times till [&hellip

Top 5 Wix Templates for 2013

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Wix is one of the most effective online tools for beginning web designers. Unlike many of its predecessors, the service allows even those who have no experience with web design to create an attractive, easily navigable website. Best of all, Wix is cheap, features hosting and can be set up on a recurrent payment schedule, or you can buy an entire year’s subscription with a business credit card from NerdWallet, a far less convoluted process than what is typical in setting up [&hellip

Indigo Studio – The Best & Easy Prototyping Tool Ever

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Have you ever wanted to find a tool that would make your work extremely simple and stress free? Well, if you are a designer looking for such a solution, then you should definitely look into Indigo Studio. This is one of the newest prototyping tools, which assists designers in their creation of user interface prototypes. Indigo Studio features a user-centric approach, giving priority to ease of use and fluidity of design. Users come first The main focus of every designer [&hellip

FusionCharts – Let Your Data Interact With Your Customers

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People who are dealing with creating charts have surely heard about FusionCharts. However, if there are still some ladies and gentlemen who know little things about this product then they should definitely check this article out. It contains great product info that could help potential customers figure out if this is really the ideal solution to their issues. So, as you can see if your work has a lot to do with this matter or if you are just passionate [&hellip

25 Best and Rocking Free Music Icon Packs


Advancement in Information Technology has made the life of the common people really convenient and easier. The web world has emerged as the world largest souk where people from different corners of the world can participate with minimum effort. This fact has motivated the aspiring as well as these as oned entrepreneurs to launch websites so that they can easily reach out to the global clients and thus resulting in mushrooming of different websites catering to the diversified needs of [&hellip

Webydo – Imagine There’s No Coding


In the minds of many professional web designers, site building platforms are associated with appalling, ugly templates, buggy CMS and unjustified prices. These platforms are more suitable for the DIY crowd and people looking for cheap and fast fix.  These platforms are not designed to fit the needs of designers creating and managing professional business websites for their clients. However, I came across a new platform that is based on a revolutionary technology that finally changes the rules of the [&hellip Launched – Change The Way File Sharing Works and Costs


Cloud storage is a new technology which is changing the way people store their data. The traditional methods to store data are storing them on hard drives or pen drives while on the other hand cloud storage enables you to store your data online. This means you can access it anytime you want and from anywhere you want. You don’t need to access your home computer to do so. Anyone of us who has ever read a Kindle e-book online [&hellip

uCoz – Website Building Has Never Been Easier


Running a professionally looking, dynamic website is an integral part of any business and successful lifestyle. It allows you to promote your services, attract potential clients and improve your customer experience. The advantages of having a website are obvious Good news is that today everyone, from housewives to experienced programmers, is capable of building a full-fledged website from scratch. This is due to the Saas (software as a service) platforms like uCOz.   Basically, there are two main methods to [&hellip

35 Useful Invoicing Tools and Apps For Freelancers


Time management is a serious problem with many of us. Avast majority of the global population always falls short of enough time for managing their work efficiently, no matter how hard they try. This is especially true for the freelancers who enjoy the liberty of working at their preferred hour of the day. Though they realize that better time management would make them much more productive, but they fail to comply with the same. Technological advancements have provided the freelancers [&hellip