How to Create Awesome Photoshop Patterns for Your Own Use

This tutorial will show you how to create your own Photoshop patterns with ease, following some simple steps. If you`re a web designer, you certainly used some background patterns for beautifying your designs and make them unique. Building a website firstly requires building the design which is actually an image of your future website made in Photoshop. There are many tutorials on the web, created especially for showing you how to do such a design and many of them are [&hellip

How to Apply a Tilt-Shift Effect to Your Photos in Photoshop

In this tutorial, I`m going to show you how to apply a very nice tilt-shift effect to your photos. The result will give you the impression that the picture is just a miniature-scale model. This effect is very easily to achieve in Photoshop following just a few steps and combined with some simple image adjustments will deliver a high-quality miniature-faking outcome

50 Superb Ornamental Photoshop Brush Sets

Every creative design project made in Photoshop needs creative elements which should fit perfectly to deliver an awesome result. Therefore, I want to showcase 50 superb ornamental and decorative Photoshop brush sets which I`m sure will help you build great designs!

50 Beautiful and Free PSD Buttons for Your Web Applications

Every website needs clean and clear buttons to beautify their layout. Therefore, I want to showcase some of the best buttons you can find at this moment on the web. They are clean, clear, built following the latest design trends and absolutely free and ready for download!

How to Design a Twitter 3D Button in Photoshop

In this tutorial, I`m going to show you how to create a modern, good-looking 3D button for Twitter. Nowadays, CSS3 gives us the possibility to build awesome 3D buttons, using only CSS code, therefore, I want to show you how you can do such a button in Photoshop. What we`ll be doing today: Like for any design project, open Photoshop and create a new file with the canvas of 600x400px. Paint the canvas with a light blue color (#f0f5f9) . [&hellip

50 Beautiful and Free Floral Photoshop Brushes

I can`t believe how useful a Photoshop brush set can be. Is so easy to find and use one, that you can create graphic designs only using brushes

Create a Vintage Movie Intro Wallpaper in Photoshop

Vintage style is a favorite source of inspiration for designers,  and can be seen in type, illustration and web design anywhere you look. As the decades progress, “vintage” takes on a different meaning. The 1930′s is one of my favorite eras, and features pioneers of many of the typefaces, technologies and art styles we appreciate most today. In this tutorial, you will learn how to recreate a vintage film intro using Photoshop CS5 using basic techniques that cover manipulating perspective, [&hellip

How to Create a Coming Soon Template in Photoshop

Building a website requires days, sometimes months of planning, coding and retouching. But if you already bought the domain name, there`s no reason why you shouldn`t do something

65 Free and High Quality Texture Packs

Texture plays a key role in any web design, although hardly noticed by the users but definitely the integral component of a web design that supports the overall design. Textures are used in all sorts of website designs no matter it is a fashion related site or a grungy website. Many designers use textures subtly to provide a personal tone to otherwise dead and unrevealed design elements. Here, we have gathered 65 Free and Useful Texture Packs that you can [&hellip

50 High Resolution Splatter Brushes for Photoshop

Every creative design needs creative elements and without a doubt, Photoshop brushes represent a must-have in a designer toolkit. For dirty projects, I want to share with you some of the best Splatter Photoshop Brush Sets which I`m sure will beautify your designs and will improve your work flow