50 High-Resolution and Free Tech Photoshop Brushes

Photoshop brushes are very important for a graphic designer because they can save a lot of time…nowadays, when people put accent on efficiency, being prepared is a must! You should frequently update your photoshop toolkit with high-quality and various brush sets, in order to stay close to the design trends which are changing from a day to another. I want to help you and therefore, I bundled up 50 awesome tech brushes, ready to be added to your photoshop collection!

How to Create a Paper Sticky Note in Photoshop

In this Photoshop tutorial I`m going to show you how to design a nice and clean paper sticky note. Sticky notes are very useful when you`re building creative website layouts for example. Combined with other elements, the result might be stunning. What we`ll be doing today: As usually, first step is to open Photoshop and create a new document of 600x400px. Set the background to transparent.(I use it as a default setting when working in Photoshop. I find it being [&hellip

50 Super Cool Photoshop Actions You Might Want to Use

Using Photoshop actions can make your life easier and help you edit your photos more quickly. Basically, actions are nothing more than a series of normal Photoshop operations recorded so you can run them in sequence quickly, without having to remember just what steps to do, and in what order. Whenever you perform a repetitive task in Photoshop, you can save yourself time and effort by using actions. Here we tried to list 50 awesome actions for your reference 1. [&hellip

50 Free And Useful Web UI Elements Psd Files For Download

The range and diversity of free available PSD files is truly enormous and is increasing day by day as some of the talented designers are sharing their new and high-quality PSD files. Finding a high-quality PSD file not only does save the time that otherwise will be consumed in searching on the internet but also makes the work much more easier. Here we are sharing a collection of some high-quality and Free Web UI Elements PSD files for your download. [&hellip

40 High Quality and Free Multimedia PSD Files

Nowadays people enjoy listening to their favorite songs and watching at their favorite videos online…websites in this niche are very popular because we all love listening to music and watching at funny stuffs on the internet. But web designers are literally fighting to create beautiful and functional player skins, just to offer you a better experience when listen and watching videos. Therefore, I`m showcasing 40 great free Photoshop resources of multimedia skins, elements and buttons ready to be coded into [&hellip

50 Awesome Abstract Photoshop Brush Sets

Abstract Photoshop Brushes are simply stunning. One single pack can blow away and upgrade a normal and simple design to a new level of awesomeness. Have you ever tried to create a sci-fi photo manipulation but you felt that something is still missing

50 Best Metallic Textures You May Want to Use

Photoshop is such an awesome tool which provides everything a designer need. It allows you to create your own textures, brushes, etc… Its moreover like a market place where many vendors will be there to provide you tools to get your work done. Photoshop market place has million of free and paid brushes, textures and filters available. Here we gathered 50 best metallic textures for your future designs. 1. Rusted blue painted metal sheet 2. Damaged metal texture 3. Steel [&hellip

50 Free PSD Files for Mobile Design and Development

Smartphones are more and more present in our lives thanks to their purpose: to help us in our day-by-day activities…The number of mobile apps is growing fast and you can find now an app for almost everything

40 Extremely Cool Photo-Manipulations With Animals

Today we’re having a look at some really cool photo-manipulations featuring animals. These show a great combination of skills and creativity. Manipulating photos doesn’t have to be hard, but to get it right it does take a lot of patience and skills. So if you’re looking for some amazing examples of what can be done in this field, this one’s for you! Now, let’s have a look! Urban Environment TankCrab Doofus What you looking at? Zebrocerous Chog On your marks.. [&hellip

40 Free Photoshop PSD Resources for Designers

If you`re going to build an application, even if is just a website or a more complicated web app, you need an awesome, eye-appealing and trends-following design. There are a lot of CSS galleries, sharing great interfaces and websites and browsing some may be a good idea in order to get some inspiration