35 Beautiful Photoshop Floor Textures


If you’re a designer you must have tried for textures online for sure. Textures bring life to your design in terms of look and richness. There are plenty of websites born specially to showcase textures of different kinds. I used many wood textures for many of my designs recently and found fun playing with floor textures too. I did a genuine effort to bring 35 best floor textures to help you with. Hope you enjoy the collection… 1. 20 Textures-Abused [&hellip

30 Superb Animal Themed Photoshop Brushes for Inspiration


Brushes will add that final artistic stroke to your creative design. Be it a web designer or graphic designer, you’ll be always in need of some creative brushes. As a graphic designer i feel i need them more than anybody else i know. There are many free and unique brushes available for download online. I found following 30 superb animal themed brushes when searching for one of my recent animal design poster. Thus, i just want to save your time [&hellip

Freebie – Clean Pricing Tables with PSD Download


Pricing tables are something designers often need while working on projects. Its quite common requirement for any website now and then. A well designed pricing table can increase your sales at least by 10%. Pricing table should be very clean in design and expose the features in each variant of package. All in all its a mandate and very important part of any design or business. Our creative team of designers made some awesome clean pricing tables with nice layout [&hellip

35 Useful Photoshop Patterns


Patterns are basically a repetition of the same structure to create a larger area. Photoshop has this filling feature by default. Unfortunately the preinstalled patterns are not very useful, so we’d like to show you some beautiful patterns which really add value to your designs. In this post of some free Photoshop plugins and filters, you will discover a handful plugins that are (more or less) as old as time itself but they will work flawlessly on all versions of [&hellip

PSD Download: Superb Add to Cart Buttons


Being a designer in this fast growing web design industry you always need resource which would make your job lot easier. Almost every website need a Add To Cart button these days and its not a good idea to start designing it from scratch. What you can do instead is, just take a base free downloadable PSD and try to make it unique for your client. Sounds good? here you got with 3 different and unique add to cart buttons [&hellip

30 Super Quality PSD Files for Designers

It’s always fun to try different techniques and learn to work with various aspects of Adobe Photoshop to spice up boring text or pictures. PSD Photoshop resources and library files help the designer to achieve work fast and easier as we can modify and customize it to suit our requirements. Here is the article with a collection of quality PSD resources. Have fun! 1. Virus scan icon 2. HTC Sense clock PSD 3. Avatar Icon Set 4. Twitter icons 5. [&hellip

Tutorial – Design a Surreal Greenery Scene in Photoshop

In this tutorial we will be creating a Surreal Greenery effect on an open book. Its very easy to make this Greenery scene by following the simple steps here. So lets get started… Tutorial Details: Program: Adobe Photoshop CS3 Difficulty: Intermediate Estimated Time: 1 – 2 hrs Final Image Tutorial Resources: Here are the sources used Sky book Train track Grass land Tree Crane Windmill Elephant Thanks for all those people who made these awesome images. Pls take permission from [&hellip

50 Useful and Fresh Photoshop Tutorials

Photoshop is an essential tool in any designer’s toolbox but mastering the skills in Photoshop requires great dedication and commitment. The best way to learn and explore the power of Photoshop is through its readily available tutorials. One can learn everything from retouching photos to creating complete web layouts or original artwork through the available tutorials. Today we are showcasing 50 truly useful Photoshop tutorials that teach you everything from manipulating photos to creating icons and from digital painting to [&hellip

50 Truly Inspired Collection of Mixed Media Art

Here we are sharing an exciting collection of mixed media artworks with our visitors. We decided to feature mixed media for this post because of its enormous popularity and worth. Artists around the world are taking advantage of this contemporary form of art. Mixed media signifies the use of more than one medium to create an artwork. For example; work with the canvas where you combine paints, ink and collage all together to create something interesting. Such combination of more [&hellip

Design a Clean and Minimal Portfolio/Business Website Template in Photoshop

In this tutorial, I`m going to show you how to design a clean, clear and minimal template which can be used for a portfolio, personal or for a business website. This tutorial can be a good start for you to build websites. The template is free for download and can be easily transformed into HTML or even a CMS like WordPress. What we`ll be doing today(Click to see a bigger preview): First step, open Photoshop and create a new document [&hellip