25 Best CG Textures of All Time


CG or computer generated textures have become extremely popular in the recent times. They have the made the task of the web designers and the Photoshop designers really easy as now they have these alluring textures at their disposal to work on. The CG textures are extremely accurate and precise in their design and this fact helps in making the website even more alluring in appearance. These textures are available in a varied range of colors and thus leaving the [&hellip

20 Best Ready to Use Gothic Fonts


New trends are always evolving. However, the coming of the new style does not necessarily mean the end of the previous one. This is aptly suitable for the gothic fonts that were commonly used in the ancient time. Though these are no longer used rampantly, but the artists and creative genius could not forget about this particular styling totally. They still use it under some special circumstances to create particular effects like a horror effects, grunge style or give the [&hellip

Amazing Heart Brushes to be used in 2013


Photoshop brushes are ultimate time savers for designers. The web is full of free and paid brushes for almost every other need of your design work. There are many website specially listing free and paid brushes for your use, but it isn’t easy to find the suitable one for you. Hence we gathered 25 best heart brushes for you design projects. 1. My Heart Brushes 2. Hearts by Irrr 3. Love Glitters and Hearts 4. Jar of Hearts 5. Hearts [&hellip

Interesting Square Fonts for Designers


Fonts are an important aspect of web designing. Along with the precise graphic for the sites they are developing, it is also important for the designers to choose compatible and attractive fonts that will make the website appear really gorgeous. One of the stylish fonts that the designers can consider using in their upcoming project is the square shaped fonts. In this typical font style, the designers are going to come across plenty of variants ranging from the stitched patterns, [&hellip

25 Awesome and Very Useful Photoshop Vintage Textures


Textures are an extremely important part of a web page. It is the base on which the other elements of the website get highlighted. So it is extremely important for the website designers to choose an ideal texture so that the website appears attractive. Though the designers can develop a texture by using the advanced photo editing tools, but they also have the option of downloading the free textures and use it in the different web pages. On the internet [&hellip

Awesome Adobe Illustrator Brushes for inspiration


Adobe Illustrator is a powerful software with the help of which it is possible to give a realistic touch to different kind of sketches. However to make it appear attractive and realistic, the developers need to make use of the different brushes. The graphic designs created with the help of these Adobe Illustrator brushes will be appear as realistic as the hand drawn sketches. Different kinds of Illustrator brushes are present for getting different effects. Some special vector brushes are [&hellip

30 Fresh Peeling Paint Textures for Inspiration


Designing an enthralling website is a challenging task. The developers not only need to be sure about the features of the sites and whether it is running properly or not, but he or she also needs to make it look appealing so that the visitors of the site gets the interest to read the content of the site. An engaging website has the maximum number of conversion rate. The application of an attractive texture will certainly make the website look [&hellip

Lightning Fractal Photoshop Brushes for Inspiration


Being a designer i was always in search of new Photoshop brushes as and when i need them for any art work. At the same time, i have a habit of listing the best ones to share here on my blog. This time around we gathered 35 best lightning fractal Photoshop brushes that helps you apply light streaks, bright lens flares, detailed fractal swirls and smooth light streams to your artwork. 1. Broken Heart Brushes 2. Fractal X 3. Radiant [&hellip

45 Photoshop Web layouts Tutorials You Must Look At


The website designers are provided with a limited canvas to present before all the prospective viewers their creativity so they need to make the best use of the latest technology to get the best result on screen. In this context the design of the layout of the website is extremely important as it is the basic framework on which other embellishments are added to give the whole website a unique appearance. Most web designers utilizes the dynamic photo editing software [&hellip

25 Exclusive Free PSD Logos for Inspiration


Gone are those days to create a logo from scratch. You really don’t have to do that now, simply download a sample logo PSD to tweak it to fit your required shape, color, etc.. and start using it. Along with that suggestion, we also collected 25 free PSD logos for you. What are you waiting for, tweak and start using. 1. Customizable Logo PSD simple logo i designed in PS. A larger sized logo included in the PSD file. 2. [&hellip