35 Best Hindi Fonts for Inspiration


In the last three decades substantial advancements have taken place in the field of IT which has brought about a 360 degree turn in our life. As a result of these developments, internet has transformed from being an extravagance to a need. Different kinds of websites have been launched in international, national as well as regional language to respond to the demand of the internet users and thus necessitated the development of nice and clear fonts in different national and [&hellip

10 Awesome Christmas Aftereffects Templates


Bells, luscious smell of baking, decorating the Christmas tree, singing carols, hanging socks, buying gifts and of course greeting everyone with a gleeful “Merry Christmas” are the main traditions that we associate with celebrating Christmas. The primary aim behind engaging in all these customs during Christmas time is to celebrate the spirit of joy and love. Another significant custom that is associated with celebrating Christmas is wishing your family members, acquaintances and colleagues by sending beautiful Christmas greeting cards. Innovations [&hellip

25 Creative and Awesome Apple Inspired Photoshop Tutorials


Apple, the renowned US based MNC which had earned accolades being the inventor of iPhone, iPod, iPad and many other hardware products. Moreover, this big corporation is also engaged in developing its personalized software only on which their hardware runs. Along with its cutting edge products, its alluring marketing techniques have also resulted in the success of this brand. The icon of Apple is simple and creative and it has been inspiring graphic designers and influencing their style. On the [&hellip

25 Awesome Photoshop Technical Brushes for Your Next Project


Different kinds of Photoshop brushes can be used for creating diverse effects on the design that is created by the developer. So the web designers need to make the best use of these tools to create the most alluring effect. Not only website design, the artist can also make use of these tools to create different type of graphical representations that are used for different purposes. The advanced Photoshop community is always coming up with much better and advanced tools [&hellip

High Quality Photoshop Grass and Plant Brushes


Graphic designing has become extremely popular in the recent time. These are required for creating different types of designs as well as animations. Majority of the graphic artists are totally dependent on Photoshop for creating different varieties of graphical designs and they make use of the diverse kinds of applications like brushes present in this platform for creating attractive designs. Apart from the integrated brushes, many brushes have also been developed by the expert Photoshop users for giving a realistic [&hellip

25 Awesome Photoshop Leather Textures for Inspiration


The web designers have a challenging task of creating an attractive web design so that it attracts more targeted visitors to the site and thereby increase the revenue generating capacity of the business house from its online presence. One of the most important factors that help in creating an alluring website is the texture or the background of the website. Therefore it is extremely important for the designers to choose an ideal one on which the content, menus and other [&hellip

30 Beautiful Photoshop Bubble Brushes for Inspiration


Bubbles have always helped us in making a design look livelier and vivacious. Sometimes bubble based themes are used as the background images of the website or they are being used as menus of a website. The design itself is so lively that it can be used in different ways to create a unique appearance. However, it is extremely difficult to create the animated effect of bubbles with the help of the normal Photoshop tools. But there are many specialized [&hellip

30 Very useful Photoshop Actions for Designers


Photoshop is the most versatile photo editing tool that is being used in the present time. The functions of this particular computer application are truly wide ranging which only a skilled professional can make the best use of. One of the best add-ons present in the Adobe Photoshop software is the actions with the help of which different effects can be applied easily on a given format. On the internet you are going to come across many Photoshop actions that [&hellip

25 Amazing Collections of Lava Texture


Background elements are the defining elements that separate blogging site from an online shopping site or company profile or any other kinds of websites. Thus it is extremely important to select an appropriate background texture that will help in differentiating these sites from one another. A suitable texture has the ability to bring about a change in the appearance of the website and make it look really attractive. Lava textures of different varieties like molten lava or rocks, volcanic lava [&hellip

25 Best Collections of Graffiti Brushes


Graffiti is a particular writing style whereby the words are written on surfaces like walls or other such surfaces. This is a particular art form the fonts are scribbled or sprayed on these surfaces thereby creating a distinctive and exclusive style. In the recent times the trendy graffiti fonts are used in different kinds of advertisements such as posters, in the websites or even as logo designs. Though the use of these trendy fonts can be traced back to the [&hellip