40 Creative And Inspiring Photographs


Almost within all of us there exists a photographic genius who is always striving to take some of the best photographs with his or her cameras. But even within this category of novice photographers there exists a group who are truly passionate about photography. Though they are not mainstream photographers, yet there are always keen about keeping themselves updated about the latest happenings. They can also look forward to all the creative photographs on the internet to draw inspiration. Just [&hellip

30 Awesome Groom Wedding Photography


While the brides are usually a bit tense on the wedding day, the grooms on the contrary are extremely relaxed on such occasions and thus it is a delight for the photographers to capture the groom’s images in such a gleeful and relaxed mood. Whilst the brides are usually worried about their dress i.e. whether they are looking picture perfect or not, make up as well as their mannerism, the grooms can be seen totally stress-free and eagerly waiting for [&hellip

Interesting Conceptual Photography


Photographs depict a lot about a particular phenomenon that is being framed in it without anything being written in it. The photographer confines the true meaning of a particular situation through his or her lenses in such a wonderful manner that even a lay man will be able to interpret the true essence of it. Conceptual photography takes this idea to a different level altogether whereby the photographer captures a particular snap with the sole aim of conveying the inner [&hellip

30 Awesome and Impressive Halloween Photographs


Hallows’ Evening which is commonly known as Halloween is an annual festival that is celebrated by the Christians in different parts of the world as a tribute to the saints who could attain communion with the Almighty. Some of the distinctive ways by which this festival is celebrated by the Christian community from all over the world is by dressing up in scary costumes and creating the atmosphere where they can share chilling and creepy stories, lighting fire and in [&hellip

Time to Look at Latest and Creative Halloweens of 2012


October is here again and it’s time for ghouls and goblins to come out and play around. And for us the designers, its time to look for latest Halloween symbols and creative’s with pumpkins and etc… As everytime Black and orange are the most used colors to create Halloweens. I just took good time out of my schedule to search and put together the latest Halloween creative’s for your reference. Have you made any yourself? Do drop us a link [&hellip

30 Different Shapes and Patterns Photography


Nature is the best artist and source of inspiration which organizes shapes perfectly. Any one enjoys taking such beautiful pictures. Each object has an easily identifiable shape as leaves, flowers, pebbles seashells have unique and complex shapes. Even the wind creates a pattern in the sand as it blows across the dune. Trees in the forest appear to be random and if we try to take a snapshot of a point, they form a pattern. In this post, you will [&hellip

40 Creative Female Pictures Photo Manipulation Examples


“Photo manipulation is the application of image editing techniques to photographs in order to create an illusion or deception (in contrast to mere enhancement or correction), through analog or digital means.” – Wikipedia The term “illusion or deception” does not necessarily means that photo manipulation is an immoral or an illegal thing to do. If you have seen the Jurassic Park or any Harry Potter movie you will agree that photo manipulations can be used for the amusement and entertainment [&hellip

40 Beautiful Reflection Art Photography Examples


In photography, there are many styles and types of photographs that can be taken and attracts the attention of viewers. Reflection photography is one such type that are taken by experienced photographers creating stunning pictures that cannot be distinguished from the real image to the reflected image. In Reflection Photography, the photographer uses water, windows and mirrors for reflection of an object. The photographer must know the right angles and techniques and should be more familiar with the camera to [&hellip

Creative Sand Sculpture Photographs


Sand Sculpturing is an art which is gods gift. Sand sculptures can be very beautiful sources for creativity and imagination. We all have enjoyed our childhood in making sandcastles and sand sculptures on the beaches as our favorite timepass activity, but we never realized that these sandcastles and sculptures can be huge and represent our artistic nature. Here are 40 creative sand sculpture photographs see and enjoy… 1. Sand Story The Haifa Sand Sculptures Festival last summer was delayed by [&hellip

Beautiful Horse Photography At Its Best

Horse are known for its speed and understanding. They are the first companions of humans and best friends of warriors since the ages. According to wikipedia Humans began to domesticate horses around 4000 BC, and their domestication is believed to have been widespread by 3000 BC. Humans and horses interact in wide variety of sports, fights, they do help police in variety of ways and situations. It will become a long articles if we pen down relation between humans and [&hellip