Awesome and Creative Abstract Photographs


Trends keep on varying in accordance with the development taking place in different ages as well as the preference and taste of the majority. In the renaissance period portrait and paintings with human figure were considered as the ‘in thing’. However from that era we have traveled for more than five hundred years to reach the modern age. In the present era abstract art has gained immense popularity. This particular art form has not only influenced the artists and painters, [&hellip

35 Amazing Examples Of Military Photography


In the war torn areas when the brave soldiers continue to fight, the reporters and journalists are busy in doing the same thing in which they are simply the best. They keep on broadcasting the latest developments of the war torn areas before the whole world. They risk their precious life and relentlessly follow the soldiers in their quest of bringing before the whole world the most realistic snaps in the disturbed war zones. In this blog, we are posting [&hellip

35 Colorful Examples of Fish Photography


Clicking the picture perfect snaps of fish is not an easy task as the subject refuse to pose before the photographer. The photographer needs to be ever ready as they have no clue when the subjects are going to smile at their camera. Moreover the underwater world is certainly going to mesmerize the photographers. The corals, hordes of fish along with the beautiful vegetation make a perfect ambiance for clicking beautiful pictures. This particular blog is dedicated to all the [&hellip

Interesting Photos of Street Vendors Across the World


Photographers from all over the world are always in the search for exclusive subjects which they can capture through their lens. In this post we have primarily focused on photos of street vendors taken in different countries from all across the world. Food has always been an integral part of the culture existing in different nation. These shots are unique and they speak a lot about the culture as well as the food habits prevailing in different nations. All these [&hellip

Stunning Polka Dot Photography for Inspiration


Polka dot is a typical design pattern, where on a solid background texture many circles are placed which are also solid in color. The dots are placed in perfect distance from each other and thus form a soothing symmetrical design. Initially these typical patterns were used in apparels and different kinds of fabrics. But now-a-days, the polka dot patterns have transcended its boundary and become the favorite theme of the photographers as well. In most of the photographs belonging to [&hellip

40 Black and White Cityscapes Photographs for Inspiration


Black and white cityscape photographs have a spark in itself and create a nostalgic impression of the urban landscape. Absence of colors adds depth to these photographs and makes the high rise and other elements present in it distinct and clear. Black and white photographs help in bringing into limelight the different skyscrapers and other buildings present in urban landscape. This genre of photography also creates a sense of seclusion in the landscape of urban jungle. Moreover, it also helps [&hellip

New York City High Quality Pictures Collection


New York City is the capital of global economy, fashion, entertainment, education, technology, finance, culture and many other things. Thus, this city opens up plenty of opportunity before the different kinds of professionals who have expertise in different kinds of skills. No wonder, this city has given shelter to some of the renowned photographers of the world. The picturesque and quaint cityscape of this metropolis provides the professional and the amateur photographers with plenty of subjects as well as theme [&hellip

How to Stage Better Wedding Photographs

Family Photographers Cumbria Lake District Lancashire

Call someone a “wedding photographer,” and you’ll discover that’s a disparaging insult in some circles. You don’t have to be a fine art photographer to understand why wedding photographers have such a bad rep — just take a look at some of the photos. Overwrought staging. Dramatic photo filters. Or, the classic pose where everyone is trying to look very serious, but in fact looks very uncomfortable. Ick! Call me old-fashioned, but all you really need is a justice of [&hellip

Beautiful Spontaneous Photography Collection


Those who are passionate about photography unanimously agree most of their best shots were captured instinctively. Most of them are of the opinion that natural shots are the best ones as they are being able to capture simple moments through their lens which are awe-inspiring and truly spectacular. Veteran as well as experienced photographers are always on the look out for snaps that are taken by other photographers in a natural background and settings so that they can inspiration from [&hellip

Inspirational Beautiful Tea Time Photography


Nothing can compliment our appetite for a refreshing cup of tea, be it at home after the whole days work or even at work when you are too tied up with your work schedule. This warm drink has the power to calm you down and refuel your body with renewed vigor to act promptly. Even after indulging in some yummy and hot snacks, a cup of tea or coffee is a must for most of us. The relaxed mood in [&hellip