20 Beautiful Red Color Inspired Photography


Color is one of the most important aspects of a photograph. Though apparently it might seem that it adds color and brightness to a photograph, but in reality it is much more than that. The right uses of colors help in adding life and emotion to a photograph and there by captures the attention of the viewers. Colors help in conveying a more convincing story to the viewers and aid in expressing all the vital emotions like happiness, melancholy feeling, [&hellip

35 Amazing and Cool Moon Photography


Nature has been one of the greatest inspirations for the artists. The painters and the photographers find great pleasure in taking beautiful shots of different elements of nature. One of the most favored elements of nature is the cool moon. The moon revolves round the Earth do not have its own light but it reflects the light of the sun during the night so that the shadowed area of the Earth can also receives some light in the hours of [&hellip

30 Beautiful Photos of Airports In Asia


Airport is the place where diverse kinds of aircrafts land and fly off to different locations. In all the important cities around the world you are going to come across domestic and international airports. In the different metropolitan cities of Asia you are going to come across plush airports with exquisite modern architectural style. World’s largest and most beautiful airports are all located in the different metropolitan cities of Asia like Bangkok, Singapore, Haneda of Japan and other cities of [&hellip

30 Superb Barn Photography Examples


Barns are small buildings which look similar to huts. Barns are found on agricultural farms and these are used for storing different kinds of equipment, livestock that work on the field as well as produce of the farm. In the old days, wooden planks were primarily used for constructing barns, but in the recent time barns have transformed into big steel buildings as wood is costly and at the same time not environment friendly. The old wooden barns are one [&hellip

25 Beautifully Decorated Christmas Trees


Christmas is ideal time to celebrate, spend quality time with your family, enliven childhood memories, have delicious food and indulge in all the activities that gives you pleasure. Decorating the Christmas tree is also an integral part of celebrating Christmas. This tradition was first started in the Germany and thereafter it becomes a phenomenon and was well accepted by the Christians from all over the world. In most Christian households, all members of the family engage in decorating the Christmas [&hellip

25 Interior Pictures of Famous Opera Houses


Opera is an integral part of the western musical tradition the origin of which can be traced back to the 16th century. This art form involves musicians as well as stage performers who perform a drama on stage combining libretto and sheet music. These dramatic acts are usually performed in the opera houses that are being erected with the sole purpose of entertaining the audience. In the hubs of the western culture like France, Italy, Austria and other countries of [&hellip

25 Painful Love Broken Heart Pictures


Being in love is an awesome feeling altogether. You are being cared, pampered and adored which makes you feel like being in cloud number nine. However, there is no denying the fact that all lovers are susceptible to heart breaks as well. When they are faced with such undesirable situations, they feel lost and find it difficult to move on in their normal life. You need to be really brave to forget the sweet memories which gradually transmitted to bitterness [&hellip

Solid Stock Art – Stock Photographs to Improve Your Design


It is utter foolishness to publish an article without a good image in it because good images attract readers. Also, when you share your article’s link on your social media sites like Facebook and Google Plus, their software automatically pulls in the image, if any, on the page whose link you are sharing. It is common sense to expect that the links displaying beautiful images will get far more shares, likes, +1’s and comments rather than those links which are [&hellip

35 Rays of Natural Light-The Real Magical Photography


One of the favorite photography styles that is a hot favorite of the professional photographers is the ‘Ray of Light’ photography. In this kind of photographic style all the snaps are taken during dawn or early morning when the rays of light are extremely meek. The photographers use the term ‘magical light hours’ for designating the early morning hours and they regard it as one of the best time for taking snaps. Since the sun rays are extremely placid in [&hellip

50 Awesome and Beautiful Photographs of India


India is called a land of ‘unity in diversity’. This multilingual, multi racial and multi cultural republic is absolutely unique in the way it thrives along with its millions of populace. It has been regarded as a land of mysticism and an oriental land by the westerners. Even today this nation breathes some features of the oriental world that has blended well with the advanced features of the modern age to give rise to truly inimitable culture. While traveling through [&hellip