30 Amazing Aviation Photographs


Airplane makes an amazing subject of photography but at the same time it is also extremely challenging to click an amazing aviation shot. As the subject of the photograph is always moving, it is extremely difficult to take a shot. A good DSLR camera, tripod and wide angle lens are some of the basic requirements for clicking a great shot. Moreover, you must settle yourself in a good location from where you get the clearest view of the planes shooting [&hellip

25 Amazing Showcase of Film Noir Photography


Film noir is a genre of cinematography that became famous during the mid-20th century. The roots of this style of cinematography can be traced back to the German expressionist school, but it was also greatly influenced by the crime fictions that were produced during the Great Depression in United States. Film noir style of cinematography primarily comes in black and white visuals and mainly surrounds crime and detective scenes. Use of monochromatic colors helps in creating an aura of mystery [&hellip

35 Cool Satellite View Earth images


Earth is the fifth largest terrestrial planet of the solar system. It is about 5 billion years old and the traces of existence of life can be seen on it from the first quarter of the five billion years. Evolution has taken place through billions of year resulting in the evolution of human beings. The ingenious human minds have solved the mystery behind the different phenomenon taking place around the world and detected the probable reasons behind it. Satellites is [&hellip

50 Awesome and Beautiful Photographs of India


India is called a land of ‘unity in diversity’. This multilingual, multi racial and multi cultural republic is absolutely unique in the way it thrives along with its millions of populace. It has been regarded as a land of mysticism and an oriental land by the westerners. Even today this nation breathes some features of the oriental world that has blended well with the advanced features of the modern age to give rise to truly inimitable culture. While traveling through [&hellip

20 Amazing Neon Light Photos


Glowing and bright neon lights make beautiful, attractive and bright photographs. Neon light effects can be used in different kinds of photographs like cityscape, portrait, abstract or artistic photos. Clicking a perfect neon light photo is a complicated task. The photographer needs to pay attention to intricate details for getting an amazing end result. Here are some tips and techniques that are going to help you in getting a picture perfect shot. These photos can be clicked at any hour [&hellip

50 Beautiful River Photography


Rivers are a natural course of water which generally rises from the snow clad mountain tops and after traversing through mountains, hills, plains and other landform features end up in the sea. Their winding course across different parts of a country, by breaking many natural barriers and making its way through many hurdles is an excellent subject of photography. The appearance of the river changes along with the change of season, thereby providing the photographer with plenty of subjects to [&hellip

30 Amazing Bird Fishing Photography


Birds are one of the most beautiful creations of the Almighty. They are the true rulers of the aerial part of our planet and also beautify nature. However, they prefer to lead their life far away from the crowded metropolis in the womb of Mother Nature and within their community. Therefore, we hardly get the opportunity to see how they lead their life. Only the ornithologist i.e. bird watchers get the privilege of getting a better view about the fascinating [&hellip

25 Cute photos of Fat Animals


Fat is kind of body tissue which is important for performing some of biological functions in our body. However, presence of excess fat in our body makes living being appear plump and also makes them quite unfit. When excess amount of fat accumulates in our body, then it leads to a medical condition called obesity and the person suffering from such medical condition is called obese. This medical condition is not only unique to human beings, but even you are [&hellip

25 Creative Shadow Photography


Photography is vast field and the scope of this subject cannot be defined within a preset boundary. A photographer is no less than any other creative artists like the painter, sculptor and others. He has to also use his imagination for composing a picture with his mind’s eyes and thereafter capture it with the help of an instrument i.e. camera. For this reason photography is better known as a genre of art where a photographer paints with the help of [&hellip

Inpaint – To Make Your Photos Look Sexy Enough


It all happens with us. That old family heritage, that photograph of your great grandfather sitting with your great grandmother on retro chairs has got torn and scratched from several places. Your friend’s face in that party photograph is looking terrible because of the acne marks on his face and that photo that you took on the Saturday evening on that beach would have been much better if that unwanted boat would not have passed in the background. Yes of [&hellip