40 Beautiful and Amazing Istanbul pictures


Istanbul, the present capital of Turkey is one of the world’s largest metropolises. Located on the bank of the river Bosporus, this city has been the capital of the Byzantine Empire and thereafter the Ottoman Empire and it boasts of a rich culture and history. The strategic location of this city has made it the bone of contention between some of the major powers of the world and it has witnessed long drawn warfare since the 14th and 15thcentury. Moreover, [&hellip

20 Amazing Matte Painting Examples of Cities


The evolution of the concept of matte painting can be traced back to the first decade of the 1900’s, when background scenes were painted on glasses and later on integrated with the videos shot. These were mainly used because it was impossible to reach to distant location for shooting a scene of a movie as the transport system was on a developing stage. Moreover, matte painting was a cost effective option. Before 1980’s all the pictures of the matte paintings [&hellip

40 Photographs of Gargoyles and Grotesques from Around the World


Gargoyles are a kind of stone structures that were present in the ancient stone buildings. These were constructed to pass the rain water that use to accumulate on the roof of the house during the rainy season. If the rain water were allowed to seep through the walls of the building, then it would erode the wall of the stone as well as mortar of the buildings and thereby weakening it and to combat this problem, the ugly gargoyles were [&hellip

40 Beautiful Tulips Pictures


Tulip is a perennial plant which has originated in the Southern European countries, Central Europe and the Mediterranean region. A large variety of this plant species can be seen to bloom in the Pamir Knot region and its adjacent mountain ranges. Tulips appear in a large variety of bright and soft shades like red, yellow, pink, violet, bicolor and others. These flowers blossom during the spring time and can be easily recognized due to their bulbous appearance. Tulips are a [&hellip

35 Beautiful Photographs Reflecting Happiness


Life has become quite complex in the present time. We hardly get an opportunity to smile a heartfelt and wholehearted smile reflecting our happiness. Our life is torn between deadlines, cut throat competitions and our duties, therefore not leaving us with even a second to spare. Though we still squeeze out sometime to be sad and depressed, but genuine happiness is as scarce as precious stones. In this post, we have compiled some beautiful photographs reflecting happiness. This post is [&hellip

40 Cute Photographs Of Rabbits


Rabbits are one of the cutest creatures of our planet. Primarily, the rabbit are white in color but they are available in other shades like brown and grey as well. These mammals belong to the family of Leporidae and are found in eight different varieties. In ancient folklores, mention of rabbits can be found innumerable times as they are regarded as one of the most cunning animals who can use their wits to challenge their enemies. However, in many parts [&hellip

25 Cute Photographs of Rats


Rats are the tiny creatures that make the cutest subject for photography. Though these little creatures are considered as ugly and annoying by many but if you get hold of the right variety of rats, then you are surely going to fell in love with them. Photographers are always adorn them with some endearing accessories or simply click some natural photographs. It will be best if you can click the photographs of some pet rats which are trained to perform [&hellip

35 Beautiful Historical Buildings Photography


Historical building photography or architectural photography is a genre of photography where different kinds of heritage sites and buildings are being photographed by photographers who specialize in this field. These building are extremely beautiful to look at and thus drawing visitors from all around the world. The professional architectural photographers are always equipped with a range of gears which make it possible for them to click the perfect shot. The beauty of the architectural buildings is absolutely different in the [&hellip

30 Best examples of Unusual and Stylish Sunglasses


Sunglasses or glares serve two purposes at the same time. Firstly, it blocks the glaring sun from disturbing the view of the wearer and helps in creating a cooling effect. Secondly, this gear is extremely useful for making the wearer look chic and stylish. This stylish fashion accessory is important for maintaining healthy eyes. Direct sunlight falling on the eyes can cause problems like accentuating the process of cataract formation and degeneration of macular cells. Moreover, the skin around our [&hellip

30 Beautiful Photos of Japanese Garden


Japan is a small island nation in the Pacific Ocean, It is also known as the land of rising sun. This small island nation has been a great source of inspiration for other nations of the world as more than once its economy was totally destroyed due to various reasons, but it could gather and establish itself time and again. Intelligence, resilience, hard work and steadfastness are some of the qualities of Japanese and this attitude has helped them to [&hellip