50 Astonishing Collection of Infrared Photography

Today we share 50 remarkable collection of Infrared Photography that you would find on the net. This collection signifies the dedication of photographers and their hard work and love to the art of Photography. Infrared Photography is done by using filter onto the camera that if executed properly creates remarkable photos. We hope that you’ll like this collection and get some inspiration. You can also learn this form of photography through some tutorials that use Photoshop. Enjoy! Malaysia National Zoo [&hellip

50 Creative and Bizarre Surreal Artworks

This round up of Surreal Art is especially designed for those designers who are momentarily out of creative ideas. This collection tends to inspire you and would definitely stir some imagination in your creative mind. Surreal Art allows the artist to express his creatively without restraint. This lets the artist expressing his feeling and ideas in a way that attracts the attention of onlookers. This is the reason why this particular form of art is getting so much momentum. Here, [&hellip

50 Truly Inspired Collection of Mixed Media Art

Here we are sharing an exciting collection of mixed media artworks with our visitors. We decided to feature mixed media for this post because of its enormous popularity and worth. Artists around the world are taking advantage of this contemporary form of art. Mixed media signifies the use of more than one medium to create an artwork. For example; work with the canvas where you combine paints, ink and collage all together to create something interesting. Such combination of more [&hellip

Unbelievable Transparent Screen Trick Photos for Your Inspiration

Photography always is a great fun no matter what kind of photography techniques you use and on what subject. This roundup features transparent screen trick photography that creates exceptionally beautiful and visually alluring photographs. In transparent screen trick photography, a fine-looking optical delusion is being created which appears eye-catching and extraordinarily compelling. Transparent screen trick photographs can be set as your desktop background for the reason that the optical illusions that they created is produced by taking the photographs of [&hellip

50 Super Cool Photoshop Actions You Might Want to Use

Using Photoshop actions can make your life easier and help you edit your photos more quickly. Basically, actions are nothing more than a series of normal Photoshop operations recorded so you can run them in sequence quickly, without having to remember just what steps to do, and in what order. Whenever you perform a repetitive task in Photoshop, you can save yourself time and effort by using actions. Here we tried to list 50 awesome actions for your reference 1. [&hellip

40 Cool Vector Characters To Inspire You

Vectors can be very inspirational. These require good skills and great imagination to stand out. Here’s a collection we’ve made of some cool characters that we think stand out. Here you’ll find many different styles and subjects. We hope these can inspire you for your own art or design work. Just click on the titles of the images if you want to have a closer look at the full size artworks. Enjoy! Angel of Light Angel of Dark Lady Brightwater [&hellip

60 Simple and Creative Advertisements One Should See

Stats say that companies spend 60% of profit against advertisements every year. This is all to retain that 40% profits. Online or offline the advertisement business crossed several billions already. One should have utmost care to build that advertisement, doesn’t matter whether its a simple banner or hoarding on road or a television ad. The Ad should attract the attention of viewer. It should have a in depth special meaning which convey the outline of business. Vodafone Zoozoo ads are [&hellip

50 Must See Social Media Icons Of Christmas 2011

Its Christmas time again. Blogs are filled with Icons and Wallpaper, Bloggers are filled with joy and happiness sharing them. We are here with some awesome Christmas Social media icons like Wikipedia, Facebook, Twitter, etc…. Dashing through the snow In a one horse open sleigh O’er the fields we go Laughing all the way Bells on bob tails ring Making spirits bright What fun it is to laugh and sing A sleighing song tonight Oh, jingle bells, jingle bells Jingle [&hellip