35 Creative and Inspiring Vector Posters


Digital images created by using geometrical shapes based on mathematical equations are called Vector posters, These type of posters are created in illustrator to maintain the quality intact even if we resize depending on our requirement. In this post we present you 35 Creative and Inspiring vector posters

50 Creative RSS Sections in Websites for Inspiration


You might have noticed that most websites have small icons, some social media icons and some others, usually in the top right corner of the screen, with the heading saying something like “Follow Us” or “Stay Connected”. Have you ever wondered what do they mean? Well, they mean that you can stay connected with the website and follow the website’s updates without actually visiting the site. If you are following a website on Twitter then you will receive updates in [&hellip

45 Wonderful Examples of Slow Shutter Speed Photography

Here is a breathtaking collection of impressive slow shutter speed photography which is a technique by which you can create a totally different phenomenon by simply slowing down the camera’s shutter speed. With this technique, if you get it right, you cannot only inspire others by capturing amazing shots but can take your skills to the next levels. So, without further ado here is the complete list of inspirational slow shutter speed photography. We hope that you like this collection. [&hellip

50 Wonderful Examples of Cityscape Photography

A gross city can appear as a breathtaking image by the virtue of Good urban photography that signifies and highlights the beauty of a city. So, today we thought to compile a post of some amazing and breathtaking examples of cityscape and urban photographs that have successfully and impressively captured the beauty of the city. We hope that this stunning collection would be enjoyable and inspirational for you. Feel free to share your comments. Your comments are always more than [&hellip

50 Inspiring Examples of High Speed Photography

High speed photography that has created sort of euphoria among the photographers as well as photography lovers, is the name of a technique in which images are captured with a remarkably high shutter speed. This type of photography is usually employed to capture those scenes that cannot be gone through with naked eyes. This post features an outstanding assortment of some hand-picked high speed photography that illustrates that freezing time sets you aside to look at scenes which normally are [&hellip

50 Eye Catchy Login and Signup Forms For Inspiration

One of the first things everyone look at your website is login/signup forms. You have to have a clean, attractive and effective form with all the necessary features aligned properly. Its not very easy to have one such outstanding form. You have to take care of few very important things judging it. For that reason, we collected 50 Eye catchy and effective login & Signup Forms for inspiration 1. Discount box 2. Emusic 3. Supernova 4. Ants magazine 5. Mint.com [&hellip

60 Simple Unique and Yet Effective Logos For Inspiration

The Word Logo is commonly used by commercial enterprises, organizations and even individuals to aid and promote instant public recognition. Logo is one thing by which people recognize your organization or product. Its very important to have a simple nice looking and yet effective logo for your brand. Just creating it doesn’t suffice the need, you have to promote it in right way by printing it wherever its possible. Let your employees wear a tshirt with logo and have it [&hellip

50 Amazing Examples Of Reflective Photography

Amazing results are achieved by employing reflection techniques in the photography. A skilled photographer can take an extremely beautiful and vividly interesting shots by using water, windows, mirrors and any other type of reflecting surface that change an ordinary photo into an wonderful work of art. We have compiled 50 Wonderful examples of reflective photography for this post to give your imagination a little bit of boost. Enjoy! Namibia Aafrica The Wine Glass Travels to Red Rock Canyon Reflection In [&hellip

50 Incredible Black And White Photography With Partial Colors

A photograph that looks beautiful and appealing to our eyes is because of its colors. No doubt that colors is an important aspect of photography but we cannot overlook the role black and white photographs play in attracting our attention, especially if they are creatively incorporated with some fractional colors. Using partial colors in black and white photos looks exceptionally trendy and appeals to our eyes. This is because in partially colored photographs, only one entity is made colorful to [&hellip