45 Incredible illustrations of Marvel comics


Marvel Worldwide is an American publishing house that has been publishing comic books since its establishment in the year 1939, but it became famous after the publication of Fantastic Four in the year 1961 and thereafter there was no turning back. This publishing house was taken over by Walt Disney in the year 2009. It had earned the accolade for being the creator of many renowned cartoon figures like Doctor Doom, Hulk, X Men, Iron Man and others. All these [&hellip

30 Amazing Jack Frost Artwork Illustrations


Jack Frost is a renowned fictional character whose roots can be traced back to the Anglo Saxon folklore. This character represents frosty and extreme weather conditions and responsible for bringing about icy weather condition. This fictional character is known to have super natural powers for controlling cold, ice and snow. The physical features of this fictional character like blue eyes, gray hair and whitish skin color are all symbolic of his super powers. Jack Frost is well known for his [&hellip

35 Very Useful Bread Textures For Inspiration


Textures are an essential part of the web designing. It is the foundation on which other contents of the webpage are laid down. A good texture adds depth to the contents of the website and enhances the appearance of the overall webpage. Therefore, creating a gorgeous and attractive texture is one of the primary tasks of the designers. However, the designers also have the option of using awesome free textures available on the internet which makes their work much easier. [&hellip

35 Creative Thor Concept Artworks for Inspiration


Thor is a God whose mention can be found in the Norse Mythology. He is a benevolent hammer wielding God who is primarily associated natural phenomenon like lightening, thunder and storm. Name of Thor is generally found in the Viking, Scandinavian folklore and history of the ancient Germanic tribes where he acts as the savior of mankind and thus proving that Thor was habitually worshipped by the common people. In all the records, Thor is depicted as a red haired [&hellip

30 Inspiring Film Production Logos for Designers


All of us have grown up watching our favorite soaps and movies and we still love watching them. To make a project go live, the expertise of many professionals as well as business houses is required. Among the business houses associated with film making, the role of the production house is extremely important. Production houses are the main sponsors of the project and as a matter of a fact a project cannot be initiated without the aid of the producers. [&hellip

35 Creative Badge and Emblem Logo Designs for Inspiration


Emblems and badges are used by many enterprises as logos to identify a particular brand. This particular format of logo design has gained popularity owing to the fact that many vital facts like the establishment date, address, aims and objectives of the company can be placed inside it strategically which will be advantageous for the promotion and growth of the company. Moreover, these also been awarded to the achievers on the completion of some level on the gaming site, different [&hellip

25 Awesome and Creative Abraham Lincoln Artworks for Inspiration


Abraham Lincoln was the 16th President of the United States of America serving the nation righteously from 1861 up till 1865. He was born in a poor family in Kentucky and had to struggle a lot to earn a decent living. He had spent in his early life in the state of Indian and never got an opportunity to learn. However, amidst the various adversities he learned to read and write as he was an extremely ambitious person. He started [&hellip

35 Effective Landing Page Templates for Inspiration


Landing page of a website is the webpage where the prospective customers land after clicking on a link or advertisements present on another website. It is an effective online marketing tool that has the ability to generate important leads for the company which in turn will increase the sales of company as a whole. To make the most of this important marketing technique, the designers should keep certain things in mind. Firstly, the design of the landing page should be [&hellip

35 Amazing and Creative Blue Themed Logo Designs For Inspiration


Blue color resonate a lot of positive quality like honesty, sincerity, loyalty, trust, consistency and others. Moreover the color being extremely soothing, it helps in securing attention of the onlookers. Because of the presence of so many positive attributes blue has emerged as one of the most favorite colors of the logo designers. The presence of blue color in a website will help the viewers to relax their eyes, thereafter they will be able to focus their attention on different [&hellip

35 Inspirational Website Introductions


Innovation is a continuous process. All of us are continuously trying to come up some new ideas to make our life easier and draw attention of the potential clients. One such new innovation is the use of informal message at the beginning of the website as a means for causal interaction with the potential clients. The introductory messages are usually used instead of the taglines present in the logo to interact with the clients in an informal way. The introductory [&hellip