15 Awesome Wooden Social Networking Icons for Inspiration


Social networking sites have emerged as one of the most important platform for marketing the different online enterprises before the largest number of potential clients. One of the important aspects of online marketing through different social media sites is to integrate the business profile in the social networking sites with that of the official website of the business house so that the prospective buyers can connect with the two easily. For integrating the social media sites with official websites, the [&hellip

30 Wonderful Cosplay Photography Examples


While some photographers love to capture the mystifying elements of nature with the aid of their mechanical lenses, there are others who are more inclined towards taking snaps of human figures as they consider them to be livelier. One of the hot favorite subjects of this genre of photographers are the cosplayers. Cosplayers or costume players are actors who primarily take part in plays. For molding themselves with the different characters of the play, they have to put on a [&hellip

30 Amazing Spiderman vs Venom Illustration Artworks and Fan Arts


Among all the animation characters, Spiderman is one of the most well known and well liked characters that has millions of fans. Spiderman vs Venom artwork illustrations are really popular among the aficionados. Graphic artists have experimented a lot with this particular theme and come up with innovative results. Here is a list of creative Spider vs Venom graphic artwork illustrations that will be extremely useful for all the graphic artists. If you are new this particular theme, then you [&hellip

25 Awesome Free and Premium Web Admin Templates


An efficient administration panel is a primary requirement of all websites. The webmasters would need it to update the new things, understand the trend of the websites, evaluate the response to the changes that have been brought about in the website and perform many other functions. The requirement of the web admin of the ecommerce sites are much more as through the admin panel the webmaster keeps a close watch on the sales figure, accounts as well as the transactions [&hellip

Awesome Plastic Business Cards for Design Inspiration


The 21st century represents an age of cut throat competition in every field. Be it education, jobs or trade and commerce, all of us have to play smart to gain recognition amongst the millions of competitors. Therefore, it is important for all of us to exploit all the new strategies available to us in order to get an edge over others. One of the important marketing techniques that is been used by individuals since time immemorial to propagate their business [&hellip

25 Typographic CD Cover Designs for your Inspiration


There is no denying the fact that nice tracks are the primary motivation behind buying a CD. However along with the songs, a good cover design is also a necessity. An attractive CD cover design implies a good presentation of the product that is put up for sale. This is an important marketing strategy that will help in drawing the attention of more and more clients and thereby increase the sales figure of the CD. One of the unique styles [&hellip

30 Impressive Film Logos For Inspiration


Logos of an enterprise represents a particular brand. Therefore, entrepreneurs take the help of the specialists for developing the logo. Logo designers are truly creative genius as they have to develop a logo that has some significance with the name as well as the objective of the company. The task is extremely challenging but most of us will be amazed to see the creative solutions that the designers come up with. In this blog we are focusing our attention on [&hellip

Your Chance to Win $10,000 App Design Contest


I guess most web designers out there have heard about DesignCrowd.com, a crowdsourcing website that promotes and makes it easy for people to hold design contests. If you know how things work on this website and if you appreciate these contests, then you will be more than pleased to hear about the Oomph $10,000 app contest. But, let’s take one step after another and let’s start with the beginning. In case you don’t know much about Oomph, here is what [&hellip

40 Fresh Surreal Photo Manipulation Examples


The painters and artists can imagine and create some bizarre paintings which have some special connotation by engaging in this whole activity from the scratch. He has the liberty to paint anything that he has in his mind with the help of brush and pencil. Previously the photographers did not have any opportunity for manipulating the still photos that he has taken. However, with the advancement of technology many hi tech computer applications have been invented which can be used [&hellip

35 Beautiful Digital Paintings of Gorgeous Women


Women are regarded as one of the best creations of the Almighty. Thus from time immemorial they have been one of the favorite subject of artists. In the recent time, graphical representation of different objects have gained a lot of popularity because of many reasons like good quality pictures that can be obtained using it, a cost effective option and many other reasons. The graphical images of women can be used in different ways. These images have the widest applicability [&hellip