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If you are a web designer you would probably know that WordPress is the first choice amongst most bloggers and website owners and quite rightfully so. The fact that it is free and that it comes with thousands of plug-ins which enable you to convert your website into whatever you want are just two important reasons to choose it as your blogging platform. DX Themes offers many website templates for WordPress and for the next few days it is offering [&hellip

30 Beautiful Railroad and Train Logo Designs


Logo of a company represents the brand. Therefore, it is extremely important for the business houses to design a creative and beautiful logo, which can capture the attention of the clients the moment they see it. Moreover, the concept of the logo should have resemblance with the aims and objectives of the enterprise so that the prospective clients can relate to it easily. Therefore, the ingenious logo designers have the responsibility of designing a unique and innovative logo. One of [&hellip

35 Creatively Designed Single Letter Logo Designs


Logos echo the image, values and objectives of an organization. All organizations have their exclusive logos so that it can be easily distinguished from others. All entrepreneurs give prime importance to design exclusive logo for their organization as it is an important marketing tool. An amazing and creative logo will be able to create a long lasting impression before the prospective clients and thereby aid in the promotion of its services and products. An awesome logo helps in increasing the [&hellip

30 Free and Awesome Music Vectors


Amongst the various art forms, music is the most versatile one. It can easily reach out and touch the heart of millions of people.Even if the listener does not understand the language of the lyrics, the tune and rhythm of the song will tell them a lot about the genre to which it belongs.A composer or lyricist creates music with the sole of aim of spreading it among the music lover through different mediums like music concerts, audio or video [&hellip

35 Creative Booklet Designs for Inspiration


Booklets are an important and creative medium of advertisements that is used by different kinds of organization for promoting the range of products and services offered by them before the prospective clients. Moreover, manuals that come with different products are also in the form of booklets. Therefore, these advertising mediums must have an eye-catching design so that it can draw the attention of the prospective clients and induce them to read it. These are usually distributed along with magazines, journals, [&hellip

30 Awesome Vector Trees and Leaves For Designers


Graphic designing is one of the most challenging art forms as the creative artists do not have access to simple pen and pencil for depicting their thoughts. On the contrary, they have to learn ways for making the best use of the complex tools of the graphic designing platforms for portraying their imagination. But the active web designing community has extended their hand for helping the new comers in this profession. Sets of ready to use icons and designs are [&hellip

30 Shopping Vector Graphics For Designers


The concept of online shopping has gained much popularity among the common mass in a short span of time. This is primarily because of the many perks that the shoppers enjoy while buying goods from the virtual stores like great discount, placing order from your home and getting it delivered at your doorsteps and many other factors. With the aim of exploiting this opportunity, ambitious individuals have launched online stores selling different kinds of goods and services. This phenomenon in [&hellip

30 Music Inspired Pictures for Inspiration


Writers and different kinds of creative artists like painters, musicians and others need a muse for developing unique compositions. The source of inspiration can be anything, starting from the mundane things around them to complicated philosophy, nature or even music. Different musical instruments, the notes of music, CDs, audio tapes and other objects related to music can be creatively used to sketch music inspired pictures. These pictures are used in different kinds of advertisements and therefore are high in demand. [&hellip

Creative Pen Inspired Logo Designs for Inspiration


Pen symbolizes education, art and culture, creativity, intellect and alike. This symbol of intellect is being creatively used by many graphic artists and logo designers to depict different messages and thoughts. Now a days you are going to come across many pen inspired logos that are used by enterprises involved in creative art and writing, graphic designing, magazines, schools and such institutes. But there are still many opportunities left to explore and innovate further with this symbol. Designing a creative [&hellip

30 High Quality Grass Textures for Photoshop


Textures or backgrounds are an extremely important feature of a website. It is the base on which the other elements of the website gets highlighted. So it is one of the primary responsibilities of the designer to select a beautiful background. Though the designers can develop a background texture from scratch using Photoshop but he or she also has the option of making use of the large number of templates that are readily available on the internet. Nature has always [&hellip