25 Creative Square Business Cards for Inspiration


While attending a business meeting, conference, product launch or any other formal meeting, the executives cannot forget to carry their business cards or the card of the company they are associated with. It is a vital marketing tool that they share with the potential clients after a casual introduction. Business cards contain important details about the executives and their company so that the clients can contact them in the future. Though all business cards contain the same information like name, [&hellip

25 Beautiful and Useful Dotted Photoshop brushes


Photoshop is an application that is imperative for all graphic designers. The graphic artists should be well conversant with the use of different tools of this dynamic platform to give form and shape to their mind’s eye. One such useful tool is the brushes that are used for creating particular effect. Therefore, having access to ideal set of Photoshop brushes is extremely important for creating amazing artworks. Since web world has a large store of Photoshop brushes, finding ideal and [&hellip

30 Beautiful Vintage Style After Effects Templates


After effects templates are one of the best tools that is available to the graphic designers. This tool helps a lot in simplifying the work of the designers amidst huge work pressure and never ending deadlines. These are ready to use templates that can be used in films or videos to add some special effects to it easily and quickly. These templates can be easily edited to meet up with the need of the developers. In this post we are [&hellip

35 Creative Wedding Invitation Designs


Arranging a wedding is not as easy task and so the couple often takes the help of the experts to ensure that each and every aspect of the wedding has been arranged with perfection, starting from the wedding cards to the venue, dress, dinner party, wedding cake and every other aspect. Since wedding ceremony is always associated with the creation of many sweet and lasting memories, therefore most couples want to ensure that everything is arranged perfectly. Wedding invitations are [&hellip

25 Amazing Real Estate Business Card Designs


Business card is not a novel marketing tool. It has been used by professionals linked with various industries since centuries. However as the years have passed by the style and look of the business cards have evolved a lot. Business cards are given after face to face communication with the clients and it plays an important role in creating a positive impression of the brand before the prospective clients and thereafter influencing the conversion rate. Therefore, all professionals must pay [&hellip

30 Best Social Bookmarking Icon Sets


Designing an engaging and attractive website is the primary aim of all web designers as an attractive website has the ability of increasing the traffic of the website. However, the factor that can influence the conversion rate of a website is its user friendliness. The designers must ensure that the visitors of the sites are having a pleasant experience while browsing through the website. Therefore, the use of different ‘call to action’ icons in the website becomes imperative. Use of [&hellip

20 Best Free Education Icons For Designers


Icons are small images that are used for depicting different kinds of emotion or content or other things. Icons are commonly used in web designs as the use of icons makes the web page more interactive, thereby attracting more targeted clients to the website. These visual representations enhance the beauty of the website and are easily decipherable in comparison to written contents. Therefore, web designers are always looking for good looking, suitable and ready to use icons which they can [&hellip

15 useful Tools to Annotate PDF Documents


PDF is an independent file format that is used for reading different kind of documents starting from e-book, journals and many other documents. Even many application forms are also available in the PDF format which can be filled and submitted online. In the PDF files different types of contents can be represented like texts, graphics, charts, fonts and others. However, some applications are needed for supporting these files in a computer. These applications not only support the PDF files,but they [&hellip

Amazing Logo Designs Using Lions And Tigers


Lions and tigers are two of the most dangerous beasts in the animal kingdom. The nature of these two animals has been often compared by the naturalist, writers and hunters. Some of the common traits shared by these two animals are pride, prowess and courage. With time these two animals have evolved as the symbol of strength and superiority. So these two animals are often used in the logos of companies to portray the same opinions about their enterprise. Different [&hellip

25 Different Religion Vector Arts


Vector graphic style is one of the most dynamic computer graphic styles which can be used in diversified ways to create different types of images on the screen of the computer. Since the images created with the aid of these methods are completely based on mathematical calculations, the images formed by vector graphics are accurate and clearly defined. Vector graphics are primarily used in creating religious images as the designers need to ensure the symbols or images created with the [&hellip