THE Retro/Vintage Design Bundle (200+ Elements) – only $22

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If you want to beef up your design tools in one fell swoop, this Mighty Deal clearly has your name on it. Chock full of 11 different retro/vintage design bundles from Cruzine Design, you’ll instantly find yourself drooling at more than 200 different design elements. Like what? Like high-quality, professional logos, badges, ornaments, frames, shapes, buttons and more. Each comes in editable Photoshop files, with most also including .AI and .EPS files so you can easily customize the size, shape [&hellip

35 Best Vintage Brush Sets


In the recent time, graphic designs have been able to successfully replace handmade artwork with the artworks developed with the help of advanced software’s which are much more beautiful and precise. However, the working principle of the graphic designing platform is quite complicated. The graphic artist must acquaint himself or herself with the various functions and applications in the graphic designing software’s in order to develop beautiful and realistic artworks. One of the interesting and handy tools available to the [&hellip

35 Best and useful Russian Fonts


Fonts comprises of one of the most important elements in graphic designing. The right use of fonts can help make a graphic artwork or web design much more attractive. In this editorial we have primarily focused our attention on different kinds of Russian fonts that are in demand among the graphic artists and web designers. These fonts have been developed by proficient graphic artists who have far reaching experience in typography designing. Use of these fonts makes the work of [&hellip

35 Useful Health & Medicine Infographics


Infographics or Information graphics are graphical illustrations of various complicated facts and data which are created with the aim of making it easily understandable to the readers. Pictorial illustrations have always been an effective and easier way for learning facts about different aspects of life. Infographics are in use for quite some time, however with the advent of the easy to use graphic designing tools there has been an increase in the number of infographics. In this editorial we have [&hellip

35 Beautiful Digital Waterfall Paintings


Waterfalls are a work of river that is formed in the mountain course of the river, when the stream of water drops from a great height of the mountain. This feature is formed in the upper course of the river when hard rock band do not get eroded by the downward cutting force of the river and it starts falling from great heights. Waterfalls form beautiful natural sceneries and they are some of most visited destination of the world. Niagara [&hellip

25 Creative Android Mascot Styles


The word mascot has been derived from the French term ‘mascotte’ which means magicians. Mascots have been used from time immemorial as they are said to bring good luck. Presently, mascots are being used by different organizations, schools, institutions, corporate business houses and other institutions so that the common mass can identify with it easily and aid in popularizing the brand. Therefore, mascots have evolved as an important marketing tool that is used by renowned brands for promoting their brand [&hellip

30 Beautiful 3D Realistic Environment Renders


Creating three dimensional images with the help of software’s require a lot of skill and understanding. In 3D graphics images, three dimensions of a geometric body are taken into consideration which makes the image all the more realistic and vivacious. When a graphic artist creates a 3D image with the help of advanced software, he actually develops wire frames of the geometric figures. These are developed with the help of complex mathematical algorithms by considering the three dimensional planes. The [&hellip

20 Useful Electronic Circuit Textures for Designers


Textures are an important component of web designing. Use of unique textures helps in enhancing the beauty of the website and thus making it really eye-catching. The web designers can develop exclusive website textures for their projects in accordance with a particular theme using Photoshop. Moreover, they can also use the free textures available on the internet. The web world has an extensive inventory of textures belonging to different themes and genres and therefore it is extremely difficult to find [&hellip

35 Amazing Light Painting Examples


Light painting is a genre of photography where a moving light is used for painting a scene which is captured by the photographer. This technique was first used in the year 1914 to capture the movement of the workers in the factories and the photographers were successful in their attempt. Thereafter it evolved as a special genre of photography which is extremely difficult to master. The characteristics that make this genre of photography different and so special are, there is [&hellip

35 Horse inspired logo Designs for Designers Inspiration


Horse is one of the fastest and mightiest species of the animal kingdom. The best quality horses were found in Central Asian region and European region and from there it is being exported to others parts of the world. They were mainly used in warfare. Soldiers used to ride on the back of the mighty and courageous horses while fighting with the enemies. Moreover, horses are one of the most beautiful animal species and so they have been also raised [&hellip