40 High-quality and Free Gadget .PSD Files

Photoshop is without a doubt the most popular tool for web and graphic design. But there`s a selected club of talented designers who are really revealing the power of the tool and shows us what you can actually do with it

50 High-Quality Free PSD Website Layouts

A PSD file always come handy when you work for a project. Building a website layout in Photoshop is neither a hard or easy job but you`ll certainly loose some valuable time with the process. I want to come to your assistance, presenting you 50 of the best free website layouts in PSD format! Redux Repro Duplex Continuum Go Media AKreative Orangia BRND iPad App vCard Giga Space Olympus Burciaga Business Blog Layout Exponet Candilicious Photo Newsletter Perennial Signia Terrion [&hellip

70 Useful and Free Social Media Icon Sets For Designers

Social media networking sites are the most powerful and effective way to market your goods and services. Using social media for marketing your products and services not only is easier than the traditional methods of marketing but gives results in a shorter period of time. All you need to do is get your visitors to click social media buttons on your blogs and voila! But for that the social media buttons that you integrate with your blog should be unique [&hellip

mytemplatez – Hub of Awesome Free Website Templates

Success of any website or blog depends on the design, development and quality content of the blog. Especially design of the blog or website is very important for customer attraction. There are many quality websites providing templates for your website or blog. One such website which provides high quality templates for your business and commercial use is mytemplatez mytemplatez is one of the right places for picking favorite template of your choice. In this website, you can find varieties of free [&hellip

Beautiful Free Vector Downloads Roundup

As a designer it is always useful to have a collection of ready-made vector objects available to use in your designs projects. Here we’ve compiled the very best vector downloads for you. And, most of these vector files are completely free! We hope you will enjoy this post as it has different style of vectors creation. These are the wonder creations of illustrator and designers who use their creativity with a different angle and approach to get the result that [&hellip

25 Quality PSD Files for your next Web or Graphic Design Projects

We appreciate to all those talented Photoshop Designers who designed and share their Creative design stuffs with their efforts, so others designers can learn and get inspiration from their works. Here we are listed 25 Quality PSD Files for your next Web or Graphic Design Projects to Download from various direct locations, hope you like the download list

300+ High Quality And Most Popular Fonts For Designers To Discover In 2009

We are always in search of great free resources for our valued readers. Every day we work hard to find new resources and inspiration for designers. Today, we list down 300+ High Quality and Most Popular Fonts for Designers to Discover In 2009, We obviously cannot cover all the best from the web, but we have tried to cover as much as possible

24 New Beautiful Photoshop Brushes

Today, we are listing bunch of really cool Photoshop brushes at the end of the week. These brushes are ideal for creating backgrounds and you can use them in a website, leaflet, poster, cards, etc. Here you will find a many different kinds so you can get the ones you like. Enjoy!

500+ Free Download High Quality Photoshop PSD Files For Designers

Why redo what is from the web “free download” ? Plenty of web designers create and share with the community, plenty graphic files. Most often, they are free download and can mostly be used in business projects. But the plenty ways used for the distribution of these files is problematic (from own blogs, social networks, sharing networks)…Lot of you have interest for these files, and regarding this point, 2experts decided to create selection lists of these files. These lists give [&hellip

9 OpenSource URL shortening apps to make your own services

There are many popular URL Shortening services provider on the web like tinyurl, bit.ly, su.pr, the basic idea for an URL shortening service is to replace the long URL in to easy to remember short URL, now days URL shortening service demands are increasing in regular computer users in Social Networking Sites, chat conversation, blog posts, as well as on twitter for entries. Here are 9 Open Source free URL shortening scripts deployed on PHP and Ruby on Rails framework [&hellip