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40 Extremely Cool Photo-Manipulations With Animals

Today we’re having a look at some really cool photo-manipulations featuring animals. These show a great combination of skills and creativity. Manipulating photos doesn’t have to be hard, but to get it right it does take a lot of patience and skills. So if you’re looking for some amazing examples of what can be done in this field, this one’s for you! Now, let’s have a look! Urban Environment TankCrab Doofus What you looking at? Zebrocerous Chog On your marks.. [&hellip

55 Excellent Examples of Using Texture in Web Design

Textures in a web design can either make or break the whole impact of the web design, and for this reason are extremely crucial although went unnoticed by majority of the visitors. A web design can be made even more interesting and attention grabbing by just adding some fine and cool textures because they give depth to your overall design that look stunning. This post features an inspiring collection of wide range of textures that can be used to make [&hellip

Funny Celebrity Caricatures – 44 Awesome Examples

Caricatures take peoples features and blow them out of proportions. This often results in some funny results, and that’s what we’re going to have a closer look at today. These celebrity caricatures have been made by artists with great creativity and talent. Here you’ll see a mix of many different celebrities, and we’re guessing that you will recognize many of them! We hope you’ll find these inspiring. Make sure to click on the images to see the full-sized versions. Let’s [&hellip

40 Wonderfully Creative Websites Inspired by Nature

The field of design has many followers who create works inspired by nature. It’s “in” to be eco-friendly and many seem to take this into their designs, it be web or other graphics. In this article we’ve picked out a nice collection of websites that are all somehow inspired by nature. As you’ll see there’s a lot of use of the color green, that is often associated with nature. We find these creative and inspiring and hope you will too. [&hellip

50+ Awesome Typography Examples in Advertising Design

The role typography plays in any sort of design is simply commendable because it not only adds depth in the design but also improves the overall look of the design, be it a web page or a design for print media. With the creative use of typography, you can effectively convey your message and persuade them very easily. Here, we have gathered some inspiring print ads that demonstrate the power of typography. We hope that this post will inspire you [&hellip

60 Eye-Catching Corporate Website Designs

What corporate website designs have in common is how to point the possible customer`s attention to their products. In other words, the key elements which define a design of a corporate website are presentation, simplicity and accessibility. To understand better how a corporate design has to be, take a look at these 60 eye-catching and trends-following corporate website designs!

45 Most Creative and Effective Business Card Designs

Business cards are utilized to symbolize your professional personality. Usually a business card is published or printed with the name of the person and business associated with that person. More often than not business cards are engraved with Name, Job Title, Address, Telephone Number and the Logo of the organization. These days, we have been flooded with loads of business cards. With such an extensive collection of business cards, it is always good to discover a business card that is [&hellip

48 Nature Inspired Website Designs

Nature landscapes are a perfect background for any story. They allow showing things which are hard to be said. Moreover, they give full scope for web designers to their abilities. So now we’d like to demonstrate you 48 nature inspired web designs which almost cry: “We’re so cool and good-looking!”

40 Coolest Coming Soon Page Designs For Inspiration

There are many reasons to build a coming soon page for your new site or app to let people know about your product even before it is launched. This pre marketing technique is very useful and it lets you know the demand of your new product, in most cases a coming soon page is very essential to allow people to sign up for email updates about your new product. In this post we have rounded up some of the coolest [&hellip

50 Beautiful and Creative Business Card Designs

Building and developing a brand always starts with a business card. Business cards are a good way to promote your activity and a good business card design will always impress your clients. Therefore, I gathered 50 awesome business cards which will certainly inspire you and give you some ideas for your unique future designs