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25 Inspirational Mobile and UI App Designs


In the recent time the number of mobile internet users has increased a lot and thereby the demands of mobile responsive applications have also increased. In the Smartphone diverse variety of applications is available ranging from musical apps, gaming apps, various kinds of health related apps and many other applications. Therefore, the web designers are expected to develop mobile responsive websites with attractive designs

45 Fascinating Facebook Design Templates for Inspiration


A few months back Facebook rolled out its new feature known as the Facebook Timeline which made some people upset while some others happy. Whether this Timeline is better than the old Facebook version is a matter for another article. Presently I wish to focus on the way this new Timeline profile is structured. The main catch is the large banner image. It is 851 pixels long and 315 pixels wide. It gives you a big opportunity to display your [&hellip

30 Black and White Web Design Showcase for Inspiration


Despite the fantastic technological advancements we have made and despite the fact that we can produce any color on our computers and hence in print, (any physicist will tell you that there are actually infinite colors in our universe and not just seven. This is because infinite shades of each “seven colors” exist.) The traditional black and white colors still remain to be used frequently. The reasons can be plenty. Black represents seriousness and sobriety. This is the reason why [&hellip

35 Superb Pictures of Combat Art


Those who think war is evil are seriously flawed in their thinking. There are some times when you have to go to war because your opponents leave you with no other option and sometimes you need to fight in order to survive. If this were not the case the government or the social service federations would have objected strongly against those training centers that teach fighting skills like martial arts. They operate because they are hailed as self defense training [&hellip

Unique and Creative Credit Card Designs

Credit cards have revolutionized the way we spend our money – online and on the high street. Any cardholder can pay the balance of their purchases at the end of the month or the balance added with interest. They differ from card to card upon the company rules. Credit cards are extremely useful when an unexpected event or emergency arises, such as an accident, a cancelled flight or if you’re ever stuck somewhere with no cash. It is also a [&hellip

40 Inspiring Vector Portrait Examples

A vector portrait is a computer generated work of art made up of lines filled with blocks of color. It isn’t that easy to generate a portrait, but it isn’t that hard too. It all depends on the creative you chose. Most vector portraits are based on photographs, so look pretty realistic in terms of form, but the colors used can vary wildly from natural skin shades to intense, kaleidoscopic tones. We just tried to put together 40 best vector [&hellip

Really Cool and Creative 404 Error Pages

Have you ever heard of impressing a visitor who tries to find something which isn’t on your site? I know its bit weird but its true and can be possible. Simply the visitor tried to find something which isn’t on your site, so let him know it straightaway by showing a nice 404 creative error page and give him relevant suggestions from your site. Instead few website owner doesn’t care of having a 404 error page, so visitor simply lands [&hellip

Showcase of Creative and Amazing Print Ads Examples

Print advertisement is the best way to catch the attention of potential customers particularly when places in magazines, publications and billboard. Designing effective print ads that actually work is not an easy task and not all print ads are equally effective. Today we feature some really amazing and eye-catching print ads that will surly get your attention. Some of them are quite shocking or strange yet very interesting. Hope you’ll enjoy this collection. Deutsche Post: Chest box Legambiente: Park Work [&hellip

Modern Single Page Website: 50 Outstanding Examples

Single page website is the trendiest way to offers your goods and services in the most user-friendly manner. Since such websites are based on only one page, visitors do not have to browse through tons of pages to find out what they want. Compiling all the content on a single page makes navigation through the website very fast and immediate. Single page websites are best suited for marketing certain goods and services and can also be used to showcase a [&hellip