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The 90 most fantastic HDR pictures from Flickr

Today, I would like to let you discover an amazing set of pictures using the HDR technique. All pictures provide from the same unique web-site: Flickr. An HDR picture (High Dynamic Range-technique) returns with more reality the extent of light and dark shades of a situation. The result of this technical method depends on the applied adjustments, but for point of view of some photographers, it can produce of a touch of “ultra-reality” or in opposite it could transform it [&hellip

Seventh Websites of the week Inspiration for webdesigners

The last week I have forgotten to publish the review of the week it’s why today I have done a really great selection with seven very very handsome websites! Don’t miss them because they are incredible! And as usual, this content comes from our partner

The 80 Most Handsome + High Design Wall Stickers

Today, the design created on different types of bases, looks like an essential thing in our modern life. The design can be found on cars, wears (have a quick look on the last post dedicated to the t-shirts designs, click here to read this post), furniture, and today as well in our houses et particularly on walls. The wall design can be defined under different forms : paintings, frames, combination of materials, as well as stickers. This fashion style took [&hellip

200 best designs of tee-shirts selected around the world

For some years now, shops of T-shirts design on the web, regular open and close one after the other.The success of some of them stimulate webmasters to open their own shop, believing to get same success. As references in this activity, we can notice i.e. Theadless or Spreadshirt. To come back in the past, read these few lignes to understand what has been the start point of tihs activity : the first skillscreen printed t-shirts, named Designs, appears long time [&hellip

The 20 free fonts most used in the corporate design

Looking for the best fonts out there with no extra cash to spend? Well, nothing is impossible. Take a look below – I put together a collection 20 of the most used fonts by corporate designers. What’s important it is the fact that all these fonts are free, but they are still a perfect alternative to commercial fonts out there. Download and enjoy!

Ultimate showcase of wonderful themeparks, warterparks and zoos webdesigns 1/2

Yes it’s soon summer time, and with these sunny days, good moments with your family or your friends. And what’s the best place to take a break than by a theme park, a water park or a zoo? That’s exactly what I was thinking before to write this post. To find a good destination, I browsed the web and I discovered high quality web-designs with really colourful works!

Website of the week – Inspiration for webdesigner #1

I’m really proud today to start this new serie of posts on 2expertsdesign.com. Let me explain to you the concept : Every week I will publish here a selection of 7 really nice webdesigns to fuel your inspiration and your creativity. These posts will be perfect for webdesigners who want to find new incredible webdesigns, improve their inspiration, or to create a really nice library of webdesigns (if you save the pictures on your computer)

+40 best icons packs that webdesigners should have

When you create a new template you have to think about lot of things : the colours, the pictures, the texts, the links etc. For each of them, I think there is one thing particularly complex and difficult to do, I mean the creation and use of icons in webdesign. In fact, you must take time to find the best icons (especially on a website like www.iconarchive.com) and it’s really expensive! Secondary, sometimes you cannot find a good icon to [&hellip

Beautiful Fresh Free Fonts for Designers

The fonts are one of the most essential elements of every web or print Project; there have been many other selective collection font posts around the world. Today we’re glad to present you Val Font, FILE Font, LOT Font and Cube Font designed by the FontFabric. Please read the license agreements carefully – they can change from time to time

Favorites from our Tweets of the Dec 06–Dec 12, 2009

This post is part of our weekly series of tweets showing the most inspiring stuff selected by some of the 2expertsDesign team and users. The best way to keep track of our tweets is simply to follow us on Twitter, So take a look at the tweets that we sent out this past week. We’ve selected some our favorite and useful tweets for your inspiration and to keep you updated about what’s going on out there!