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35 Creative ads Worked in Photoshop


Photoshop is an excellent tool for the design of the ads displaying a lot of creativity. If you take a closer look at the billboards around us, some of these ads are actually quite unique and interesting. It is the creation in advertising that really impresses the public, designed by the talented people who master the ultimate tool of Photoshop creativity. The following 35 creative and attractive photo shopped ads are collected from Creative AD Awards, which is an online

30 Ultimate and Inspiration VFX Demos for Learners

These days its quite difficult to find Hollywood movies without VFX works. Some movies make minimal use of such effects, while others have plots and scenarios that depend almost entirely on computer generated images. Examples of films include The Matrix, Narnia and The Lord of the Rings, recently avatar that captivated the audience with special effects. Its not an easy task to work on VFX and product an outcome to satisfy directors and audience. If the opportunity comes every VFX

Collection Of Websites With Unique Layouts

When we look at some sites, the layout feature can only attract attention. The layout can be simple or more complicated. Sometimes a designer can break out at an amazing layout in minutes and sometimes the designer can fight for the most part with the same task. A web site with nice graphics and typography gets a huge response from visitors – the goal of every designer. Now I’m showcasing a collection of outstanding websites with unique and creative layouts.

Rare Postal Stamp Collections Of Different Countries

Philately – study of stamps is the collection of postage stamps and related objects. The creation of a comprehensive collection require some Philatelic knowledge. Postal stamp collection began in 1860 and people continue to collect it from all corners the world with over 200 million stamp collectors, which is one of the most popular in the world going on inside. Stamps are often collected for their historical and geographical aspects, for many different subjects that were represented on them ranging

40 Inspiring Vector Portrait Examples

A vector portrait is a computer generated work of art made up of lines filled with blocks of color. It isn’t that easy to generate a portrait, but it isn’t that hard too. It all depends on the creative you chose. Most vector portraits are based on photographs, so look pretty realistic in terms of form, but the colors used can vary wildly from natural skin shades to intense, kaleidoscopic tones. We just tried to put together 40 best vector

30 Free High Quality Editable Web Buttons

Buttons are important aspects of user interface. Web Buttons are something without which its almost an impossible thing to craft a nice web design. Designers look for them very often, it can be a simple form or site or product. Size and color combinations play vital role when it comes to selection of those buttons in web design. Here are 30 Free High quality editable web buttons which includes Sliders, Scrollbars, Form elements, PayPal buttions, Appstore buttons, etc… 1. Blaubarry

Really Cool and Creative 404 Error Pages

Have you ever heard of impressing a visitor who tries to find something which isn’t on your site? I know its bit weird but its true and can be possible. Simply the visitor tried to find something which isn’t on your site, so let him know it straightaway by showing a nice 404 creative error page and give him relevant suggestions from your site. Instead few website owner doesn’t care of having a 404 error page, so visitor simply lands

50 Different World Famous Mascots

In simple words Mascot is a character to identify a group of people or event or sports team. It can be an image of a Person, Animal, Object, etc… Almost each and every world famous event including Olympics has got a Mascot. If you’re wondering what could be the Mascot of ongoing Olympic 2012, its named Wenlock and Mandeville and they are designed by a London-based creative agency. Surprisingly shortlisted Mascot for Olympic 2014 are also out now. Yeah, here

Free PSD UI Kits and Templates for Web Designers

As we know web designers has to spend lot of time picking the right UI elements for their designs. Having some pre-designed and editable web UI elements come handy when you’re in serious mood to design something stunning. This post we have 50 beautifully designed and editable pre-designed Web UI kits, all in .psd format, covering all of the major UI requirements of the modern web designer. 1. Moonify 2. Got Wood 3. PSD Layouts 4. The Ultimate Wireframe UI

Awesome Free Photoshop Filters Of All Time

Filters are used to change the appearance of an image, layer or selection in Photoshop. Filters can Help you in multiple ways as you can use it to transform any object from one to another or you can use it to correct your images. Here are some additional filter Collection, which are away from the default filters. hope u like it 1. Light Room Preset Wedding photos shot outdoors in the afternoon. It’s got a very subtle warm-reddish look to