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35 Best Joomla Templates for Web Designers


Joomla is a premium content management system that has gained popularity owing to the responsive designs, user friendly interface, optimized features and many other factors. These open source web developing platform is opted by designers as it supports a large range of plugins and it is more dynamic in its functions in comparison to the other open source content management systems. Moreover, many free Joomla templates are available on the internet that makes it easier for the developer to build [&hellip

TheSiteSlinger – PSD to HTML Conversions Simplified

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Whether you’re a designer, a small business owner, or work at a web marketing agency, The Site Slinger is one service you need to know about to turn your designs into code. They’ve succeeded in making the PSD to HTML process simple – a real time-saving web development solution. With their fast and reliable options, coding becomes a piece of cake. If you’re looking for the best way to convert PSD to HTML, you should read on and check them [&hellip

30 Innovative and Inspiring Infographic Resume Designs


Are you planning to float your resume once again to get a better job? If yes, then you must have revamped your resume by this time. This is single most important step that you should take for advancing your career and get the much awaited break that you surely deserved. However to get noticed by the prospective employers among the multitude of competitors, you also need to provide the employers with a valid reason. An important technique that you can [&hellip

Dunked.com – The Ideal Solution For Your Online Portfolio

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I am sure you have always wanted to have your one and only portfolio website, but unfortunately you encountered certain difficulties in creating it. Well, now there shouldn’t be anything staying in your way, thanks to Dunked.com. This program will allow you to do all the things that seemed impossible so far, and therefore you should definitely make this your ally. Anyway, before deciding if you would like to use it, you should definitely read more about its features and [&hellip

Awesome Edge Painted Visiting Cards Designs


Business or visiting cards are an important means of marketing a brand name. Thereby, the entrepreneurs of business house must take extra care for designing the business card. It should be alluring so that the potential clients get impressed by the appearance of the card itself. These are small factors but in reality it plays a big role in influencing the rate of conversion. Specialized designers will present before you many options to choose from, however one of the most [&hellip

Maps that Bring Difference to Your Website


Everybody knows that when designing a website it is important to think about the users, in order to be able to provide them a great experience. At the same time, what web designers have in mind is developing something complete, accurate and easy to use, so that the audience will remain loyal and hopefully increase. Anyway, since it is very trendy these days to let the others know about your location, then it goes without saying that including an interactive [&hellip

15 Online Tools To Cartoonise Yourself


The World Wide Web is no less than the Arabian Genie who can grant anything you wish within a split second of time. It has answer to all your queries and performs different kind of task if you feed it with some simple instruction which is certainly going to amaze you. One such magical software that is available on the virtual world is the Cartoonise yourself platforms with the help of which any picture’s animated or cartoon version will be [&hellip

15 Useful and Essential Tools for Bloggers


There was a time when people only dreamed of having a website and people who could have one were looked upon with great prestige and admiration. Today it is possible for anyone, with even minimum or no coding skills, to own a blog and that too for free. Services like Blogger, Type pad and Word Press have revolutionized the way the Internet used to work. With the advent and evolution of blogging, the practice that started as a hobby – [&hellip

25 Useful Logo Designing Tutorials in Illustrator


The Merriam Webster Online Dictionary defines a logo to be – “an identifying statement”. A logo identifies your company. No matter in what niche you set up your business, your company is going to compete with thousands of other brands out there. In today’s busy lives people don’t have the time to read entire statements published in ads. Therefore you need a way to quickly grasp there attention, to tell them that out of dozens of advertisements published in the [&hellip