Philately - study of stamps is the collection of postage stamps and related objects. The creation of a comprehensive collection require some Philatelic knowledge. Postal stamp collection began in 1860 and people continue to collect it from all corners the world with over 200 million stamp collectors, which is one of the most popular in the world going on inside. Stamps are often collected for their historical and geographical aspects, for many different subjects that were represented on them ranging from horses, ships, birds and kings, queens and presidents.

Stamps should be stored away from light, heat and moisture or they will be damaged. A few basic items of equipment like Stamp tongs, a magnifying and an album are needed to collect stamps.

Among the most popular areas include collecting postage stamps, airmail stamps, commemorative stamps, stamps, definitive postage and revenue stamps were issued in stamps. The stamps were issued in several denominations to make up different amounts due. Popular topical themes are animals, dogs, cats, butterflies, birds, flowers, art, sports, Olympics, maps, Disney, scouting, space, ships, U.S., stamps on stamps , famous people, chess, Chinese New Year, and many others.


Here are 25 rare postal stamps of different countries.

1. Rabindranath Tagore with gutter pair in-between

INDIAN STAMP GHAR has been exclusively created for philatelic enthusiasts.


2. Australia postage stamp_Centenary of Western Australia

“This stamp was released to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the founding of Western Australia, the design incorporates a Swan as the central figure, with Kangaroo Paws (W. A. State Flower) & Eucalyptus flowers & leaves, an Official stamp punctured OS was also issued for Government use.”_text via Australian Stamp Catalogue


3. Bulgaria postage stamp: blue 9

Designed in 1944, and This photo was taken recently on March 21, 2010.


4. Austrian railway stamps

Stamps from 1984 commemorating the construction of two of Austria’s great mountain railways – the Arlbergbahn and Tauernbahn.


5. France postage stamp: Year of the Child

Designed in 1979, in commemoration of the International Year of the Child, design by Odette Baillais.


6. Russian Rapture

It was issued in 1935 to mark the Third International Congress of Persian Art and Archaeology in Leningrad. Again not a stamp you’d associate with the Soviet Union. Pity there were only used copies in the book, so I’m just showing you this here and then I’ll put it back because I only collect mint.


7. Heart Health

The feelings of wellness and vitality that come from physical exercise are a key element in controlling and preventing coronary heart disease, or CHD.With the Heart Health (Forever®) stamp, the U.S. Postal Service hopes to raise public awareness about the importance of maintaining a healthy heart.The design shows a bright yellow sun disc, a leafy green tree icon, and a blue swirl of a sky. The striding figure at the center of the stamp has a full red heart. At the figure’s feet, a large red apple represents a well-balanced diet, another essential factor in maintaining a healthy heart.


8. Lady Liberty and U.S. Flag (Forever)

He Statue of Liberty and the American flag are world-recognized symbols of the United States. With this Roll of 100 stamps, the U.S. Postal Service® introduced two new First-Class Mail® Forever® Stamps.


9. Brazil postage stamp: red Correio

This stamp was released in 1890s,This photo was taken on June 21, 2010 recently.


10. Austria postage stamp: Europa

This stamp was created in 1959.


11. France sower stamp


12. Complete set from 1979. Olympic Games, Moscow 1980.

15fr – Hurdles, 30fr – Field hockey, 250fr – Swimming, 350fr – Running.


13. Iran Postage Stamp ECAFE

In honor of 20th Session of United Nations Conference.This Stamp was created in 1964.


14. India Postage Stamp_Ajanta Caves elephant

Part of stamp series featuring tourist sites in India,This stamp was created in 1949.


15. Australian animal stamps

Image of a collection of Australian postage stamps featuring Australian wildlife.


16. Ireland Postal Stamps-Sword of Light

Depicts the “Sword of Light”, part of the First Definitive Series.This Stamp was created in 1922.


17. Austria: postage stamp: Heller 5 green

Part of Special Delivery Stamps, Issues of the Monarchy line of stamps.Design / engraving by Alfred Cossmann.


18. 50c-Kudu and Rhino


19. Year of the Dragon Giclee Print


20. Four Flags

The bright U.S. flag flies high with stars and stripes, and a single word appears on each of the four stamps: Freedom, Liberty, Equality, and Justice.The U.S. Postal Service continues its tradition of honoring the Stars and Stripes with the issuance of the Four Flags (Forever®) stamps.


21. Korea postage stamp: bird and pink sky

“Christmas and New Year’s Greeting for 1960″ designed by Kang Bak


22. Yosemite National Park, California, Gicle Print


23. Germany Postage Stamp-Zoo

“100 Jahre Zoologischer Garten Frankfurt”,designed by A. & G. Haller?


24. Hungary Postal Stamp-Owl

Designed by Gozon Lajos from Birds of Prey series


25. Cuba Postal Stamp


There are hundreds of different catalogues, most specializing in particular countries or periods. Collecting stamps is a great way to start a hobby and it’s fun!