5 Consequences of Sending a Nude Selfie

Nude selfies are not all fun and games. A seemingly sexy and flirty move can result in some very unwanted consequences. Everything from bullying to online traps can result from sending just one nude selfie. Surprisingly, so many people aren’t as informed or aware of these dire and negative consequences. They think that they are safe and that there’s no way something bad that happens to someone else could ever happen to them. This is where things go wrong- fast. Young people are constantly under the impression that bad things only happen to others, not them. The same is true while sending nude selfies. Today, we’re breaking down the five most significant consequences of sending nude pictures of yourself to others. We hope you take it seriously.

1. It could get posted online.

One of the worst and most public consequences is getting your nude pic posted online. This is an especially real possibility for young people in college and below. Immature teenagers don’t have fully developed minds or a true sense of reality yet. For these reasons, they don’t understand the traumatic and dangerous consequences that come with posting someone else’s intimate pictures online. We all should know by now that once something is posted online, it’s there forever. Anyone that has internet access can access it and do what they want with the picture, including spreading it more and even using it for online porn and graphic picture trafficking. This leads us to our next negative consequence.

2. It could be sent to anyone.

Unfortunately, most people think that when they send a nude selfie to someone, it’s going to be for their eyes only. Sadly, this too often is not the case. More likely, it’s going to be showed to the receiver’s friends, or worst, much more people than that. It’s so easy in 2016 to send a mass text to everyone in your contacts, and that text could contain your very personal picture. Don’t be under the impression that your sexy selfie is going to be seen and enjoyed by only the intended recipient. It will more than likely be sent to much more people than that without your consent or knowledge. So what we’re trying to say is, unless you’re okay with the possibility of everyone seeing your sexy pic, don’t send it. It’s that simple.

3. You could be bullied for it.

This is, unfortunately, a potentially fatal consequence if you send a nude selfie. The victims of this are usually young women who get their picture spread on the internet or to their peers through text, Snapchat, or social media. Other men and women will harass the victim by calling her degrading names like slut, whore, and others. The victim could become socially isolated, and this combined with the trauma of having your private picture shared with numerous people can send the victim into a spiral of depression. Some victims can get over this awful situation, but others aren’t so lucky. There have been too many cases of women and men alike taking their lives due to the bullying that comes along with sending a nude selfie. No one wants this to happen to them or their friends/ loved ones, so end it now by never sending these pictures and encourage others to do the same.

4. People you don’t want to see it very well could.

Who’s the last person on earth you’d want to see your nude selfie? Your mom, your dad, siblings, or maybe an enemy? Well, all of these people very well could see your naked pics without your consent or knowledge. How could this happen? For one, if it’s posted on the internet, there’s a huge chance your naked pic will land in anyone’s lap. We’re sure your parents or, at least, your siblings have social media. If they catch wind of your naughty moments, you’re pretty much done for. There’s no coming back from that. And what if you’re still in high school, and a teacher is made aware of your picture? They will no doubt get your parents involved, which is terrifying. And if your picture ends up in your enemy’s possession, you have no idea what they’ll do with it. If you don’t want to explore these possibilities, then we suggest you stop sending nude selfies altogether.

5. Your career, reputation, and responsibilities are at risk.

We’re all familiar with the public figures that have been exposed by naked picture scandals. What usually happens to these people? They’re scorned forever. Now, most of us aren’t your everyday celebrity, but your reputation, and other things could still be ruined. If you’re an athlete, you could be kicked off the team. If you’re a member of Greek life or student government, you could be kicked out. And if your boss catches wind of your nude selfie, you could be fired. All of these negative consequences are life changing for the worse. And although ruining your reputation and credibility isn’t the worst thing in life that could happen, it’s not exactly ideal either. We’re sure none of you want to fall victim to the many issues with nude selfies, so we suggest that you avoid the possibilities altogether and don’t send it.

If you want to learn more about this, check out the video below!